Purr Bats ‎– Salt Lake City

19 State Of Deseret ‎– BURP 003
CD, Album


1 Salt Lake City 3:56
2 Keep A Straight Face 3:46
3 The Buses Don't Run At Night 3:21
4 Poultry 5:21
5 Black Widows In The Sagebrush 2:41
6 Cricket 3:19
7 Bird Shit Bombs 3:54
8 Perpetua's Greening 4:30


Produced by The Decent Citizens Against Filth.
Recorded mainly in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dictaphone letter bits form Pookah-Pie in Albuquerque, NM.

For recording, Purr Bats included: Sweetpea, Eli Morrison, Jeremy Smith, Paul Butterfield8, Scott Selfridge, Amber-smokey-piggy, Dave Payneful
The Soiled Dove Singers are: Suzi Jo, Amber, Meg, Ms.Dripdry, Perka and Polly Mavis-Cobb, The Ghost Of Christmas Future, Flat Tire Sally, Cheddar Man.

Engineering duties performed admirably by David Payneful, Jeremy Smith, Andy Patterson, Scott Selfridge, Eli Morrison.
Mastered by David Payneful at Spaceship Studio 1 on Arcade.

The Buses Don't Run At Night is a song by Red Bennies.
Perpetua's Greening is a song by Puri-Do.

C&P 2005 burp arts BURP 003
19 State Of Deseret with Rest 30 Records
Ecoded Sky Folds

Edition of 1000.