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Vinyl, LP, 45 RPM, Album, Black



On December 11, 2016, during a short west coast tour, PRS performed for PART TIME PUNKS at the Echoplex. PTP is a monthly event curated and promoted by MICHAEL STOCK, a DJ at KXLU, Los Angeles. Some of LA’s best female fronted bands who count Pylon as an inspiration, also performed (The Tissues, PANTHAR, Sex Stains). While there, Michael Stock invited PRS into the studio to record songs in the spirit of John Peel’s sessions for his show PART TIME PUNKS, on the air since 2006, on KXLU 88.9 FM every Thursday from 3-6 pm. Musician and producer JOSIAH MAZZASCHI engineered and mixed the songs at THE CAVE STUDIO in just a few hours.

Mid 2017, Michelle Roche, the media relations person for PRS, heard it while looking for promotional material for the band and advised PRS they should consider releasing it.

Vanessa seriously listened to the recording again and was struck by both the energy of the performances and by the quality of the recording. It reminded her somewhat of Pylon's recording of Gyrate. That record had also been done very quickly with the band playing together and a minimum of overdubs. This way of recording can lend a dynamic live feeling if done properly and if you have a good performance. An elusive goal had been achieved and not really noticed for what it was: something really good.

After getting permission from Michael Stock to release this recording, Vanessa spoke with Henry Owings who had worked with Pylon on their "Live" double album released last year. The decision was made to put it out as a high quality vinyl release. PRS bandmate and audio engineer JASON NESMITH mastered it in Athens, GA at CHASE PARK TRANSDUCTION. The vinyl lacquers were cut by ADAM SMITH, and pressed at MUSICOL, well known for pressing short vinyl runs from all over the world. The resulting product is a 45 rpm 12 inch record. It is made to be played loud and enjoyed in the spirit of PYLON. The cover graphics were suggested by the poster for the actual show which had been cut and pasted from the Pylon ep !!-released in 1980. The label design and graphics were done by a friend, Bill Gridley in the spirit of Pylon under the direction of Vanessa, Michael and Henry. Initial release will be 300 with some of those on color vinyl. Shirts and buttons will be available as part of a package. Pre orders being taken now!

releases October 6, 2017

Courtesy of Part Time Punks
Michael Stock/KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles, CA
Recorded & Mixed at the Cave Studio, Los Angeles, CA by Josiah Mazzaschi, December 11, 2016
Executive Production: Henry Owings
Produced: Vanessa Briscoe Hay
Mastered: Jason Nesmith at Chase Park Transduction, Athens, GA
Lacquers: Adam Smith
Pressed: Musicol, Columbus, OH
Graphics: Michael Lachowski & William Gridley
Photo: Jason Thrasher
Distribution: Chunklet Industries

All songs written by Pylon (Bewley/Briscoe Hay/Crowe/Lachowski) and published by Pylon Music Two, BMG/Bumblebee, BMI. © 2017
Additional lyrics on “Feast on My Heart”: Craig Woodall
Media Relations: Michelle Roche
Booking: Ground Control Touring
Thanks: Pylon, Michael Stock, Echoplex, Shelina Louise, Ginger Coyote, Heather Mcintosh, Charlie Estes, Holly Aguirre, Cindy Wilson, Panthar, The Tissues, Sex Stains, Jeff Carver & Part Time Punks Everywhere
all rights reserved