R. S. Thomas ‎– Reading The Poems

Sain ‎– C2209
3 × Cassette


Song At The Year's Turning (1955)
A1 A Peasant
A2 Song For Gwydion
A3 The Hill Farmer Speaks
A4 Welsh History
A5 Welsh Landscape
A6 Song At The Year's Turning
A7 Priest And Peasant
A8 In A Country Church
Poetry For Supper (1958)
A9 Evans
A10 Chapel Deacon
A11 Sailor Poet
A12 The View From The Window
A13 The Country Clergy
A14 Ap Huw's Testament
A15 A Blackbird Singing
A16 Poetry For Supper
A17 Iago Prytherch
A18 Meet The Family
A19 Farm Wife
A20 Epitaph
Tares (1961)
A21 Genealogy
A22 Anniversary
A23 The Musician
A24 Abersoch
A25 Too Late
A26 Those Others
A27 Mother And Son
A28 A Welsh Testament
A29 Here
The Breath Of Truth (1963)
B1 A Line From St David's
B2 The Untamed
B3 On The Farm
Pietà (1966)
B4 This To Do
B5 Kierkegaard
B6 Ravens
B7 A Welshman At St James' Park
B8 The Moor
B9 The Belfry
B10 Service
B11 The Face
B12 In Church
Not That He Brought Flowers (1968)
B13 No
B14 Concession
B15 Sir Gelli Meurig
B16 The Fisherman
B17 Traeth Maelgwn
B18 Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant
B19 After The Lecture
B20 Reservoirs
B21 Kneeling
B22 The Small Window
B23 The Place
H'm (1972)
C1 Once
C2 Acting
C3 Cain
C4 Via Negativa
C5 The Island
C6 The River
C7 Female
C8 Soliloquy
C9 The Coming
C10 Other
C11 The Fair
What Is A Welshman (1974)
C12 He Agrees With Henry Ford
Laboratories Of The Spirit (1975)
C13 Emerging
C14 The Hand
C15 The Word
C16 Mediations
C17 Ann Griffith
C18 The Moon In Lleyn
C19 The Combat
C20 Somewhere
C21 Pardon
C22 The Bright Field
C23 Sea-Watching
The Way Of It (1977)
D1 The Listener In The Corner
D2 Nuclear
D3 Barn Owl (1)
D4 The Way Of It
Frequencies (1978)
D5 The Woman
D6 The Empty Church
D7 Pilgrimages
Between Here And Now (1981)
D8 Waiting
D9 Pluperfect
D10 One Way
D11 The New Mariner
Later Poems (1983)
D12 Covenanters: Paul
D13 Gradual
D14 The Bush
D15 Suddenly
D16 Remembering David Jones
D17 The Moment
Ingrowing Thoughts (1985)
D18 Drawing By A Child - Diana Brinton Lee
Destinations (1985)
D19 The Message
D20 The Unvanquished
D21 The Other
D22 The Conviction
D23 He And She
D24 Sarn Rhiw
Experimenting With An Amen (1986)
E1 Cones
E2 Coming
E3 Hebrews 12²⁹
E4 The Wood
E5 Revision
E6 Retirement
E7 Questions
E8 A Thicket In Lleyn
E9 Moorland
E10 Unposted
E11 Ystrad Fflur (Strata Florida)
E12 This One
Welsh Airs (1987)
E13 Drowning
E14 A Land
The Echoes Return Slow (1988)
E15 I Was Vicar Of Large Things
E16 They Keep Me Sober
E17 Not Done Yet
E18 I Look Out Over The Timeless Sea
Counterpoint (1990)
E19 There Is A Being, They Say
E20 Not The Empty Tomb
E21 It Is One Of Those Faces
Mass For Hard Times
F1 Retired
F2 Hark
F3 Come Down
F4 Match My Moments
F5 A Marriage
F6 What Then?
F7 Afon Rhiw
No Truce With The Furies
F8 Geriatric
F9 To A Lady
F10 Wrong?
F11 Still
F12 Reflections
F13 Nuance
F14 No Time
F15 At The End
F16 A Species
F17 Mischief
F18 Resurrections
F19 The Indians And The Elephant
F20 Navigation
F21 Mice
F22 The Morrow
F23 Remembering
F24 Vespers
F25 Silence


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