R.Hook-Norton ‎– Jingles And Programme Cues / Volume 6

KPM Music ‎– KPM 1326
Vinyl, LP


A1 Feeling Alive A1 0:30
A2 Feeling Alive A2 0:30
A3 Design Concept A1 0:30
A4 Design Concept A2 0:30
A5 Coconut Groove A 0:30
A6 Happy Times A1 0:30
A7 Happy Times A2 0:30
A8 Age Of Progres A 0:30
A9 Plan Ahead A 0:30
A10 The High Andes A 0:30
A11 Baroque Image A1 0:30
A12 Baroque Image A2 0:30
A13 Baroque Image A3 0:30
A14 Product Launch A 0:30
A15 One Of The Family A1 0:30
A16 One Of The Family A2 0:30
A17 The Power Factor A 0:30
A18 Feeling Alive B1 0:28
A19 Feeling Alive B2 0:28
A20 Design Concept B1 0:28
A21 Design Concept B2 0:28
A22 Coconut Groove B 0:28
A23 Happy Times B1 0:28
A24 Happy Times B2 0:28
A25 Age Of Progres B 0:28
A26 Plan Ahead B 0:28
A27 The High Andes B 0:28
A28 Baroque Image B1 0:28
A29 Baroque Image B2 0:28
A30 Baroque Image B3 0:28
A31 Product Launch B 0:28
A32 One Of The Family B1 0:28
A33 One Of The Family B2 0:28
A34 The Power Factor B 0:28
B1 Feeling Alive C1 0:38
B2 Feeling Alive C2 0:38
B3 Design Concept C1 0:38
B4 Design Concept C2 0:38
B5 Coconut Groove C 0:38
B6 Happy Times C1 0:38
B7 Happy Times C2 0:38
B8 Age Of Progres C 0:38
B9 Plan Ahead C 0:38
B10 The High Andes C 0:38
B11 Baroque Image C1 0:38
B12 Baroque Image C2 0:38
B13 Baroque Image C3 0:38
B14 Product Launch C 0:38
B15 One Of The Family C1 0:38
B16 One Of The Family C2 0:38
B17 The Power Factor C 0:38
B18 Feeling Alive D1 0:18
B19 Feeling Alive D2 0:18
B20 Design Concept D1 0:18
B21 Design Concept D2 0:18
B22 Coconut Groove D 0:18
B23 Happy Times D1 0:18
B24 Happy Times D2 0:18
B25 Age Of Progres D 0:18
B26 Plan Ahead D 0:18
B27 The High Andes D 0:18
B28 Baroque Image D1 0:18
B29 Baroque Image D2 0:18
B30 Baroque Image D3 0:18
B31 Product Launch D 0:18
B32 One Of The Family D1 0:18
B33 One Of The Family D2 0:18
B34 The Power Factor D 0:18