Ravel*, Boston Symphony*, Charles Munch ‎– Daphnis Et Chloe (Complete)

RCA Red Seal ‎– 88697720602, Sony Music ‎– S70475C
CD, Album, Remastered, Cardboard Sleeve


Scene 1
1 Invocation To The Nymphs 6:25
2 Entrance Of Daphnis And Chloé 0:49
3 Dance Of The Young Girls Around Daphnis 0:59
4 Dorcon's Advance To Chloé 2:12
5 Daphnis Reasserts His Love For Chloé / The Dorcon-Daphnis Dance Contest For A Kiss From Chloé 0:32
6 Dorcon's Grotesque Dance 1:37
7 The Gracious Dance Of Daphnis 2:31
8 The Triumph Of Daphnis And The Ecstatic Union With Chloé 0:57
9 Entrance Of The Temptress Lyceion And Dance Of Veils 2:00
10 The Invasion Of The Pirates And Daphnis's Unsuccessful Efforts To Save Chloé 1:41
11 Invocation To Pan By The Nymphs And The Prayer Of Daphnis 5:03
Scene 2
12 Interlude 3:14
13 The Orgiastic Dance Of The Pirates 3:59
14 Bryaxis Orders Chloé To Be Brought Forward And To Dance 0:29
15 Chloé's Dance Of Supplication 4:15
16 Creatures Of Pan Appear And Frighten The Pirates, Who Flee In Terror, Leaving Chloé Alone With A Shining Crown 1:11
Scene 3
17 Sunrise. Daphnis Prostrate At The Grotto Of The Nymphs 3:47
18 Daphnis And Chloé Are Reunited 1:49
19 Lammon Tells How Pan Saved Chloé In Memory Of His Love For The Nymph Syrinx. Daphnis And Chloé Act Out The Story 2:02
20 Pan (Daphnis) Fashions A Flute From Some Reeds, On Which He Declares His Love For Syrinx (Chloé) 2:27
21 Abandoning Their Roles, The Lovers Embrace And Kneel At The Altar Of The Nymphs 2:06
22 Girls Dressed As Bacchantes Enter With Tambourines 0:13
23 Young Men Invade The Scene, And Joyous Tumult Prevails In Tribute To The Triumph Of The Lovers 3:57

Companies, etc.



This CD is CD 3 of Living Stereo 60 CD Collection and not an individual release.

Remastered at Soundmirror, Inc.

Recorded in 1955.