Raw Noise Apes ‎– Damnatio Memoriae

CD, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered


1 Damnatio Memoriae
2 Distressfull Autophobia
3 Progress Equals To Regression
4 Glorified Futile Things
5 Soporific Indoctrination
6 Repllent Antinomy
7 Reductio Ad Absurdum
8 Posthumous Obedience
9 Sinfull Frenzy
10 Massive Deregulation
11 Ill Timed Hybris
12 Harrowing Resilience
13 Restless Selfitis
14 Socially Acceptable
15 Dreadfull Lust
16 Real Eyes Realize Leal Lies
17 Displeasing Indulgence
18 Emotional Plague
19 Perpetual Brain Degeneration
20 Morraly Squalid Anthropoids
21 Indescribable Dissimulation
22 Pestiferious Paligenesia
23 Inconvenient Introspection
24 Dysphoric Cyberchondria
25 Ecstatic Vision
26 Unutterable Self-Deprecation
27 Cognitive Dissonance
28 Repugnant Apotheosis
29 Abberant Ataraxia
30 Last But Not Least
Bonus Tracks. Complete First Demo
31 Raw Noise War
32 From Scum... To Obliteration
33 365 Days Of Mutual Cannibalism
34 Selective Memory...
35 Supreme Sensory Deprivation
36 Abscence Of Everything
37 Hypernova Tenonditis
38 Social Drugs Of Brain Composting
39 Oliganarchy
40 Raging Explosion Of Silence
41 Posttraumatic Noise Disorder
42 Ecocentric Asshole
43 War Of All Against All
44 Communication Comatose
45 Cruel Confessions


recorded at red house studio in thessaloniki in october 2017.

thanx goes to:
vag / saors for
everything, kostas for mix and master,
glesio for the cd release, horihaku nihama for the cover
artworks, mitsos lonx and woo-young for the inner artworks
and last but not least all the
bands we have played with and all the people we have met throughout the years...
so many
to mention some of them organised gigs some of them accomodated us, we thank you all...cheers!

From the depths of a dead era to a dawn of a new beginning, we would like to thank
all of you who shared the same escape apecraft with us t
hrough the unexplored
dimensions of post modern humanity, seeking to find the everglowing star
of a galaxy that is about to release its posthumous rattling...

R.N.A. 2018 mao mallias barbas