Rectal Pus ‎– Fuck Roanoke

Cassette, Single Sided


A1 World Of Shit
A2 Toxic Farts
A3 Butthole Bill
A4 Storm The Whithouse
A5 Join The Army (By Sore Throat)
A6 From Above (Birdshit)
A7 California Surfing
A8 Huffing Glue (To A Low Rider Beat)
A9 Chaos
A10 Scooby Doo
A11 Lifeless Clones
A12 Fly On The Wall
A13 Backflip Barf Blast
A14 Radiation
A15 Hate Society
A16 Stench Of Colostamy
A17 Piss On Your Grave
A18 Toxic Farts Pt. 2 + 3
A19 Nazi Ignorance
A20 Musclebound Moshin' Hardman (Fuck Off)
A21 Cheech And Chong
A22 Up Your Ass
A23 Destroy Corporate Hardcore
A24 End Apartheid
A25 Police Brutality
A26 Where's The Toilet Paper?
A27 Scooby Doo Pt. 2
A28 Stop
A29 Piss Surfing
A30 Punk
A31 Smash The Nazis
A32 Davey Gravy
A33 Fun In The Sun
A34 Yellow Ribbon Symbol Of Bloodshed
A35 Que Pasa Homeboy
A36 Cider Up At Angies
A37 Systematic Death
A38 Blatant Disregard
A39 You Only Live Once
A40 Diarrhoea Sandwich
A41 Bowel Erosion
A42 Racist Bastard
A43 Chaotic Noise
A44 Dreams Of Freedom
A45 I Throw Shit At People
A46 Laughing At The World
A47 Under Attack
A48 I Dream Of Jeannie


  • ArtworkBilldo
  • Artwork, Drums, Vocals [Even More Screams]Jason H.*
  • Guitar, Other [Equipment]Scotty*
  • Guitar, Other [Flaming Butt]Spastic Jason
  • Noises [Other], Vocals [More Screams], Kazoo, WhistleBilldo
  • Vocals [Screams]Damnit