Redeye ‎– Arizona Tracks

Fax +49-69/450464 ‎– PS 08/83
CD, Album, Limited Edition


Arizona Tracks (47:36)
1 Untitled 3:13
2 Untitled 2:05
3 Untitled 3:48
4 Untitled 2:10
5 Untitled 2:32
6 Untitled 4:04
7 Untitled 4:37
8 Untitled 2:17
9 Untitled 7:03
10 Untitled 3:30
11 Untitled 1:19
12 Untitled 1:34
13 Untitled 5:22
14 Untitled 1:53
15 Untitled 1:59

Companies, etc.



Limitation: 1000
Total Duration: 47:36

Booklet slogan (mirrored): "Convertable PSI Against Zombie E-facts"

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout: PS08/83 P+O -28957-A2 05-96
  • Label Code: LC 6269


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June 8, 2017
edited 12 months ago

Interconnected tracks of deep melodic IDM and ambient with touches of trance delivering a soothing mellowing and head-bobbing listen. The album is quiet experimental without being cold, dense, abstract, harsh, or strange; just more adventurous with its softer warmer tones and catchy liquide melodic knob-twiddling IDM+ mixed with gentle swaying oceanic ambient creating a deep and rich motion within its sound. Tracks are kept short with plenty of changes in the music. The changing shifts and sweeps, almost like sketches, feel connected as tracks are linked to each other with certain elements flowing and connecting over into each track bringing a nice organic continuous feel to the album. The flowing listen certainly impresses, as it is interesting, as it is captivating, and even unique and different in its ways moving away from the more common angular tonal harsher IDM-Ambient already out there; and better for it with its warmer mellowing lush sound that makes this an enjoyable listen back then in 96' , and today 20+ yrs layer!


June 18, 2010
edited over 8 years ago

For me this record is in top five from FAX label during the period of 1996. Real finding for the IDM lovers. I can say that this music is tested with time.


December 16, 2007
One of the fax titles I had gotten the first year I had heard of FAX. Does not get much of a listen....

Some electronic experimental doodling starts the disc off. Some interesting stereo effects making a complete circle around you head. Soon enough we are introduced to some funky beats. The chaos blends nicely. The beat is very uptempo, but not so much in the typical fax trance sound.

A melody takes form and takes command. It brings you through a journey, a blissful look into the world of something sounding musically different. It makes for a good early morning after a rave disc. The samples a very intricate in sound.

It has moments of "ambience", but while not overall impressing, bring in some nice beats. The thing that fails the most with the ambient parts, is that they seem to have no real direction. This disrupts the flow of the music, especially the nice progression that the chaos, leading to the beats and beyond had set forth. With 3:57 into track 7, it kicks into something very beautiful. It would be the light of the cd.

Track nine again breaks into some weird funky beat. Its a very nice beat that becomes addicting. There are some interesting samples that carried throughout the track, and the samples that build around it. Its fresh and innovated. Also brings in some weird wishy washy water sounds. Interesting experience.

Track thirteen again, sounds rather promising. The mellow beat's transition is very nice. It no sooner starts and begins to build into a more blissful sounding existence.

The cd ends with some more chaotic electronic experimentalism and with a very brightening synth in the background. It is this synth line that could have made for a wonderful ending. However it ends rather abruptly.

Some may find this an uneasy disc to digest. Its not really all that bad. Some of the "ambient" tracks tend to drag the cd down a bit, it has very rewarding moments.


December 28, 2006
edited over 12 years ago

The first idea that stoke my mind while discovering this highly sought-after ambient album was that it was worth hunting, definitely. More sophisticated than Redeye previous album on After 6 Am (that was already quite enjoyable), this one is really more IDM than Acid or Trance.
Sure there are lots of 303 lines here, but compositions are not built around them, and focuses much more on atmospheres and mind tweaking.

And this leads me to my second idea about it : it really sounds like a great Sun Electric album, and to be more precise, a good link between the styles of their "Kitchen" and "Present" album. Not that it is a me-too at all, nor an attempt to jump on any bandwagon, but simply that it has this deep and rich electronica feel, with lots of melodies that come and goes, and small enjoyable surprises that keep on coming in.

Besides, like Sun Electric, this is not the usual Detroit-influenced electronica à la As One, B12 or early Warp release : it is more acid at some point, and most of all, more versatile.

So, IMO, this is a cool addition to any Electronica/ambient lover collection.