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LINO30 Regis Penetration(2x12", Album) Downwards LINO30 UK 2001 Sell This Version
LINO30 Regis Penetration(2x12", Album, W/Lbl) Downwards LINO30 UK 2001 Sell This Version
lino30minicd Regis Penetration(CD, Album) Downwards lino30minicd UK 2001 Sell This Version
LINO030 Regis Penetration(6xFile, MP3, Album, 320) Downwards LINO030 UK 2006
LINO30RE Regis Penetration(2x12", Album, RE, W/Lbl) Downwards LINO30RE UK 2010 Sell This Version


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August 1, 2018
edited 9 months ago
referencing Penetration, CD, Album, lino30minicd
there is atm a few cd copies of the album being sold for 5 quid at the downwards website.
3 left - hurry up!


October 12, 2012
referencing Penetration, 2x12", Album, RE, W/Lbl, LINO30RE

I got this release at the beginning of 2012 and it may have spent more time on my turntable than anything else. Not as raw as Gymnastics or as experimental as some of Regis's other releases at the time, Penetration is just 8 tracks of perfect techno. It's a release you can literally play over and over and over in the same sitting. Highly recommended!


September 19, 2010
referencing Penetration, 2x12", Album, RE, W/Lbl, LINO30RE

X-Thul, the extra new track, is not really a track per se, but a seventy seconds long dark ambient interlude. At first, it sounded kind of familiar, and then it hit me: certain elements used remind me of the Reality Or Nothing (a relatively unknown project by the joint collaboration of O'Connor & Sutton) track on "Spares game" [HR 05]. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!
Having said that, I would have preferred if they chipped in one of the remaining tracks available on the CD version of "Penetration", which can otherwise be found on vinyl on [LINO028] and [SC 01], respectively.
The printed insert is a nice and witty addition, while the black centre labels only add to the overall dark and opressive sound. "Penetration" always was, and stil is, quite probably my all time favorite Downwards release, where Regis abbandons all experimentation and acute minimal artistic vision in favor of no-nonsense punishing dance floor orientated beats of the highest order. Apart the two interludes, you can use the remaining six tracks in the same set and rest assured that they will provide a solid half hour of total chaos and guilty pleasure. A classic, and one of those albums I have in multiple sound carriers all the time.


June 5, 2009
referencing Penetration, CD, Album, lino30minicd

If Regis would end up in hell one day, he'd play a wicked trick on Lucifer by playing out "Penetration" front to back. Odds are he'd get an infinity ban for freezing the underworld.
Then, if his next stop would be paradise, and if he played this album in front of the pearly gates, he'd probably cause instantaneous spontaneous human combustions and get a one way ticket back to Earth after heaving incenerated the heavens...
If you're still not convinced, then you don't deserve a copy of this album. Give it over!
This has to the single best release Karl O'Connor has ever done, with zero to none breaks, pauses and moments to take a deep breath in. I mean, together with the "Againstnature" album he recorded with Peter Sutton, this is how I want to remember that typical Birmingham breed of techno. Banging, crisp and sharp percussion, linear and pounding rhythmic sequences, with occasional eerie and sinister sounds and noises creeping upon you from the background. God, I cannot describe how good this is!
You like Downwards? You like Regis, but have never gave this a spin? Hurry up then, this is the most extreme gush of sonical energy to have emerged from Birmingham. Absolutely essential for all mono fans and those who still haven't got there yet, but it's only a matter of time before "Penetration" forces them into submission.
No favorites, no stand outs, this whole CD is graced with ten tempered iron mechanical subwoofer obliterating cannon balls out of the possible ten.
What a classic do we have here!


December 4, 2007
referencing Penetration, 2x12", Album, LINO30
Fantastic! This is ladies and gentlemen nothing else then some of the most menacing moments of the pages of techno history. Rock solid industrial madness to the highest calibre in the name of God. Gives you the feeling like the ressurected Jesus Christ with rolled up eyes and bloody mouth comes after you. Terrifyingly consistent and refined album by Regis capturing an amazing ammount of techno purity. There isn't a single split second of weaker moments on this.
Surgeon and Regis, Inigo Kennedy, James Ruskin, Oliver Ho, Mark Broom and Ben Sims are the cream ala crema of the awesome UK techno scene and in my oppinion by far the most influental dj/producers of it's own underground sound and the over all
"uninfected" techno sound today. And this IS one of the best work EVER has been produced by these guys!

(Quote - inner sleeve)

"get on your knees fuckers
kneel to me, kneel to the boss fuckers
it's a mans world
do what your're told, do as I say
kneel to the boss fuckers, get on your knees"

Karl O'Connor

There's nothing else I could say. Amazing.