Reptile Tile ‎– Hot Tropic

Hand To Mouth Tapes ‎– HTM-011
4 × Cassette, Album


A1 The Vietnamese Restaurant
A2 Babecia
A3 Found A Sick Coin
A4 Butterfly
A5 Happy Birthday, Richmond
A6 Stretched By Plastic
A7 Don't Know A Thing About You
A8 Boy from Mamaroneck, NY (Original)
A9 Snake Oil
A10 Remove The Spec
A11 Equator Bop
A12 Hotta
A13 The Pig
A14 Adam Montafar
A15 6 Flags
A16 Soccoro
A17 Open
B18 Flicks and Pops
B19 I Don't Like It
B20 New York Hole Foods
B21 Bohemian Gardens
B22 Creature
B23 L. Starvation's Piano
B24 Crawl Space
B25 Walk Clearly For The Christ
B26 Tiny Little Bad Boy
B27 Shout Out to Essex
B28 Getting Back With My Ex
B29 Bacteria Boy
B30 The Last Friday Night Until the End of the World
B31 New Home: Pluto
B32 Raw Diet
B33 12 Years Old
C34 Special Announcement (All Members of RTT)
C35 I Quit
C36 Try To Understand
C37 Connor Culliver
C38 Spare-the-Timetimes
C39 Mere
C40 Dogtooth
C41 Hot Decembers
C42 Girl
C43 Cold (I, Tredge/Mythological Warzone; Non-Seq)
C44 Richard's Always On The Phone
C45 Death Of The Shopping Whore
C46 Porn Baby
C47 Tiki Bar
C48 The Lake (Without Water)
C49 Mark Well The Name
C50 Nothing Is Whitewashed
C51 Sea Shore State Park
C52 Rhododendron
C53 Cobra-Crown
D54 Dogs Outside Of Their Crates
D55 How It Makes Us Feel When U Quit
D56 Art Knocc
D57 Tucker's Camp Crush
D58 Tucker Can't Go Outside
D59 Samuel's Raga
D60 Grey Hound Station
D61 Springtime Again (with Sun Ra)
D62 P5-62-SSX
D63 6 Penises
D64 "Afuturus Esse"
D65 Cloud Forest
D66 Christine
D67 I Am A Sexual Being
D68 Skin
D69 Laksjgfas
D70 Infinite Soliliquy
D71 Something In The Water
E72 Better Like Yourself !!!
E73 I Will Be King
E74 White Marble Amethyst
E75 Analyzing the Sociopolitical Implications of My Huge, Throbbing, Silver, Striped Cock
E76 Doesn't Need 1
E77 Charity Race
E78 Allure
E79 Laser Eyes
E80 Vines In The Village
E81 The Water Bear
E82 My Mom And Dad
E83 Enemy Sex
E84 Courthouse Blues
E85 Politics Of Sucking Dick
E86 Kung Fu
E87 Take The Clock
E88 Tinker Tantrum
E89 Exodus, Now!
E90 Ganesh Is The Best
E91 Syl Houetta
E92 Flutterby
E93 What Could Excite Me Now?
E94 Life In Plants
E95 Psycho Dub Bitch Takes Scientist Until Self-Destruct
E96 Smol
E97 Mark Slept With Kathy
E98 Welcome To Hell
E99 You're Not My Sister
F100 The Paper Boy
F101 Leather Lovers (Lock Up)
F102 Call Your Mother Soon
F103 Fermented Night
F104 Pain Leaves
F105 Lonnie
F106 Taco Bell Boy, Pt. 1
F107 Taco Bell Boy, Part 2
F108 Why You Got So Many Holes?
F109 Sensual Kutt
G110 Midnight Birds
G111 When The Jungle Attacks
G112 The Jungle Newt
G113 Gold Dust
G114 Aquantico Chasm
G115 Yancyhoyer
G116 Tricon's Beat
G117 Photograph Of Venus
G118 DNA Staircase
G119 You Won't Survive
G120 All Toad's Are Joan's
G121 Silk Worm 2
G122 Kiwi And Ellen's Annual Friendship Renewal Ceremony
G123 N.O.R.
G124 House Of Evolution
G125 Spice Track
H126 Basement Party
H127 Survey
H128 Golden Seal
H129 Boiler Love
H130 Jessica Rabbit Framed Roger Rabbit (Duh)
H131 Let Go Of Straight People
H132 Social Media Whore
H133 Open (closed)
H134 Lost My Head In The Cloud Forest


Edition of 100

Tracklisting on backside of cover art.

Illustration and design by Jason Hodges.