Richard Kostelanetz ‎– Kaddish And Other Audio Writings

2 × CD, with booklet

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1-1 This Is My Poem 0:51
1-2 Milestones In A Life 3:17
1-3 Excelsior 1:18
1-4 Praying To The Lord 5:46
1-5 Carnival Of The Animals 14:28
1-6 Kaddish
Engineer – Frank Cunningham
1-7 No, I'm Richard Kostelanetz
Co-producer – Marilyn Ries
2-1 Relationships 31:25
2-2 Seductions 22:40
2-3 Ululation
Engineer – Andrew Benker


No, I’m Richard Kostelanetz (1973), in which various voices of myself debate acoustic authority, a comic masterwork produced with .

Excelsior (1975), swiftly portrays a seduction in single-word paragraphs, spoken in stereo by two voices, which sound as though they may be the same voice.

Milestones in a Life (1976), tells, amidst changing reverberation, of 77 years of a bourgeois life in terms of the single most important event (milestone) to happen in each year.

This Is My Poem (1977), is a series in which that root phrase is subjected to several kinds of tape-delay, each of which accents different parts of the phrase. They too can be broadcast individually, in immediate succession, or between others works.

Praying to the Lord (1977, 1981) has two sacred texts, the Lord’s Prayer in English and a comparable Hebrew prayer, which are successively and progressively multiplied into fugues of eight voices, sixty-four voices and 512 voices.

Seductions (1981) contains sixteen seduction stories told by sixteen different amplifications of the same voice and interwoven one sentence at a time into a continuous, albeit spatial narrative.

Relationships (1983) is an extended recital of a man’s recollections of why he slept with certain women, as well as his conjectures of why they slept with him, all elaborately processed electronically, and, in truth, not recommended for juvenile audiences.

Carnival of the Animals (1988), a poem of animal names, produced with a sampler and synthesizer, read by the author in English, and in an acoustic German translation by Tilman Reitzle.

Kaddish (1990), is an acoustic representation of the Jewish diaspora in the various ways that the Aramaic prayer for the dead is declaimed, in solos, duets, quartets, and choruses, commissioned by Westdeutscher Rundfunk, composed on a Lexicon Opus, with Opher Finkelthal.

Ululation: Acoustic Fiction # 1 (1992), an erotic story told exclusively in sound, with a spoken preface by the author, under a grant from NEA-Media Arts.

Comes with 20 page, 5.5" x 9" booklet with notes on the works.