Richard Ramirez & MoreBlackThenGod ‎– You Can Carve Your Name On My Face Because At The End Of The Day It Is Only You I Think About

3 × File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps


1 Richard Ramirez Tongue Depravity 18:32
2 MoreBlackThenGod Half a Century 20:02
3 MoreBlackThenGod You can carve your name on my face because at the end of the day it is only you I think about 1:01


The virtual "A" side of this split is comprised of a single track, “Tongue Depravity”, from the great and well known artist Richard Ramirez. The track opens with numerous gusts of classy noise layered over one another, creating an acroamatic fluxion of duality and resounding detonative landscapes. The poetic chaos morphs slowly while the whole track blends in and out of itself until, slowly, it positively degenerates into a no-fi noisy visionary volcano. Mr. Ramirez has carved out a wee concept and asks the listener to move to the music, not in a physical sense but a virtually thought-provoking one by sequencing the thoughts and wishes with or without the help of hallucinations.

MoreBlackThenGod, the musical project bloomed from the charming talent of the artist Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, take over on the virtual “B” side, which is made up of two pieces heterogeneous enough to present the view of two distant planets yet combined in a perfect cosmic embrace. "Half a century” is a long and varied piece, willfully eccentric and thinned out vestibule to the technicolor world of Sean, letting the listener guess clearly if the name is a caress of philosophical context or, how it intends to be, a reference to the birth of the artist who celebrates this day, simultaneously with the publication of the album, his birthday as well!! In a sense we are in front of a backwards celebration in which the partied honors each guest with his irrational gift. The 3rd track “You can carve your name on my face.......” takes a series of pulsed oscillations and leads them headfirst into chaotic noise manipulation, adamantly minimalistic like a tandem with helixes of hedonism, paradoxically vivacious yet hued in a deep darkness. While interesting, this is a much more shorter and direct piece, with a great sonnic charm and a fascinating stream of choral recitative, but without the dramatic intensity of the former.

All in all, this is an obscure but solid split that pairs two fairly dissimilar styles via their shared fidelity. Despite the two styles that define this release, Richard Ramirez and MoreBlackThenGod are paired well and this release is definitely one that I am glad to have had the opportunity to promote and listen to.


© 2016
Track 1 written, played and composed by Richard Ramirez
Track 2 and 3 written and composed by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

Cover picture by Richard Ramirez
Graphic editing by Emiliano Pietrini