Richard Turner ‎– Utility Plastics Vol. 13

Utility Plastics ‎– UTL 13
2 × Vinyl, 12"


A1 Untitled
A2 Untitled
B1 Untitled
B2 Untitled
C Untitled
D1 Untitled
D2 Untitled



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January 26, 2011

Quite the probably the best, and most definitely my favorite Richard Turner production of them all.
A1 is a slamming opener, which doesn’t even permit you to inhale properly, as its wild and uncompromising 4x4 madness subdue you into coerced dancing.
A2 reminds me of the Portion Reform style, tight and minimal with monotonous, barely audible progression, and electric current effects poking from the hind.
B1 is rough and mechanical; in the vein of Karl O’ Connor’s heaviest contributions to the techno spectrum. Hooked up with a few breaks thrown in for good measure, this one does serious damage on the dance floors with massive barrages of sonic fury.
B2 brings some funk to the table with a seriously groovy loop, and tribal percussion emphasized by a juicy bass line. This one will keep your head nodding for as long as that repeat button is on.
C1 has a hard edged off-beat drive and tough metallic beats, coming at you like a million man infantry was playing its war anthem. Halfway through it breaks down and rebuilds back up as a proper, full on techno banger.
D1 has got to be my absolute favorite here. What a fresh, dense, right to the point aural flamethrower racing at a pace too fast for anybody to even bother to try and count, as they’ll be lost in oblivion dancing to this gem like not even God was watching! Too bad it ends so suddenly and abruptly… Grrr, you can never have it all, can you?
D2: another goody, this time it’s a techno track which most definitely builds around a loop from Los Ninos En El Parque by Liaisons Dangereuses, and I think I even hear some Alarms influences in there as well, with that vocal snippet. What a way to put an end to things though!
This is one of those double packs I don’t leave the house without, to put it in a figurative way, not because it’s a revolutionary one, but because it’s a release which so adequately captures everything I want to hear in techno. From loopy hard, through to funky orientated beats, from minimal to full-blown techno tracks which will fight their way into any possible you see fit. For those who haven’t forgotten that techno music is supposed to make you move and have a good time, "Utility plastics 13" is as good of a reminder of that as any you’re likely to come across. If you should decide to start anywhere, I would strongly recommend you start your cruise through Richard Turner’s output right here.