Richard Zimmerman ‎– The Collector's History of Ragtime

Murray Hill Records ‎– M-60556/5
5 × Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Compilation


A1 Rags To Burn
A2 Rag Medley
A3 Mississippi Rag
A4 Louisiana Rag
A5 Harlam Rag
A6 Down Souf In Alabama
A7 Smoky Mokes
A8 Maple Leaf Rag
A9 Tickled To Death
A10 Whittling Remus
A11 A Dingy Slowdown
A12 Rags And Tatters
A13 Rag Picker's Rag
A14 Daughters Of Dahomey
B1 Weeping Willow
B2 X.L. Rag
B3 One O' Them Things!
B4 Texas Rag
B5 Popularity
B6 Pickles And Peppers
B7 Kinklets
B8 Flying Arrow
B9 Baltimore Todalo
B10 Bull Dog Rag
B11 Black And White Rag
B12 Persian Lamb
B13 Grace And Beauty
B14 Temptation Rag
C1 Apple Jake, "Some Rag"
C2 Everybody's Rag
C3 The Thriller
C4 Anoma
C5 Teddy In The Jungle
C6 The Entertainer's Rag
C7 Pride Of The Smokey Row (Q Rag)
C8 Angel Food
C9 Worlds Fair Rag
C10 Variety Rag
C11 Pork And Beans
C12 Hungarian Rag
C13 Doctor Brown
C14 Steeplechase Rag
D1 Blame It On The Blues
D2 Calico Rag
D3 Steamboat Rag
D4 The Lily
D5 12th Street Rag
D6 Whoa Nellie!
D7 Hors D'Oeuvre
D8 Harriman Cake Walk-Fox Trot
D9 Texas Fox Trot
D10 Agitation Rag
D11 Colorado Blues
D12 The Meadow Lark
D13 Wailana
D14 Topliner Rag
E1 Bantam Step
E2 Teasing The Cat
E3 Johnson Rag
E4 Black Jack Rag
E5 Race Track Blues
E6 Sleepy Hollow Rag
E7 Pastime Rag No. 5
E8 Broadway One-Step
E9 Blue Note Rag
E10 All-Of-A-Twist Rag
E11 My Pet
E12 Hunting The Ball
E13 The Arm Breaker
E14 Always Together (Siempre Juntos)
E15 Mr. Joe


Distributed by the Everest Group. You could also purchase directly from Richard Zimmerman which included a signed copy of this collection for $22 at the time of its release.