Richie Hawtin ‎– DE9 | Transitions

M_nus ‎– MINUS 32 CD
DVD, Mixed, Compilation
CD, Mixed, Compilation

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01.1 Ø Medusa
01.2 Plastikman Drp
01.3 Sleeparchive Track 3
01.4 Stefan Goldmann Turret
TZ Entry Point
02.1 False Tanning Booths
02.2 Ø Atomitv
02.3 Sleeparchive Track 3
02.4 Stefan Goldmann Turret
02.5 Ultrakurt Carnadada
Adding And
03.1 Canson Rarefied
03.2 Ø Atomitv
03.3 Ricardo Villalobos A5
03.4 Ricardo Villalobos Gerausche #01
03.5 Ultrakurt Carnadada
04.1 Concept 1 96 - 03:06
04.2 Marc Houle Blister
04.3 Ø Atomitv
04.4 Ricardo Villalobos Gerausche #01
04.5 Ricardo Villalobos A5
04.6 Philus Ionit
04.7 Ultrakurt Carnadada
05.1 Concept 1 96 - 03:06
05.2 Vegetable Orchestra Ciboulette (Luciano Remix)
Remix – Luciano
05.3 Philus Ionit
05.4 Stewart Walker Lakewalking
06.1 Baby Ford & Eon Dead Eye
06.2 Ricardo Villalobos Ventolat #02
06.3 Jay Haze vs. Robag Wruhme Change Is Natural
06.4 Stephan Laubner Portside Waves
06.5. Stewart Walker Drive
06.6 Stewart Walker Lakewalking
07.1 Compass Messinger
07.2 Marc Houle Blister
07.3 Matt John Stracciafella Logic
07.4 Ø Medusa
07.5 Pan Sonic Liuos
07.6 Ricardo Villalobos Ventolat #02
07.7 Jay Haze vs. Robag Wruhme Change Is Natural
07.8 Roman Flügel Pattern 14
07.9 Stephan Laubner Portside Waves
07.10 Stewart Walker Lakewalking
We (All) Search
08.1 Akiko* Like Ancient
08.2 Carl Craig Experimento
08.3 NSI Clara Ghavami (Luciano Edit)
Remix – Luciano
08.4 Ø Medusa
08.5 Plastikman Koule
08.6 Roman Flügel Pattern 14
08.7 Sleeparchive Research
08.8 Sleeparchive Track 2
08.9 Someone Else (2) & Miskate Butterplug
Jupiter Lander
09.1 Akiko* Like Ancient
09.2 Carl Craig Experimento
09.3 Ø Erit-Samat
09.4 Ricardo Villalobos Gerausche #01
09.5 Sleeparchive Track 2
Reduction And
10.1 Akiko* Like Ancient
10.2 K. Alexi Shelby* My Medusa
10.3 Marc Houle Rancor Keeper
10.4 Ø Medusa
10.5 Villalobos* Y.G.H
10.6 Ricardo Villalobos Gerausche #01
10.7 Ricardo Villalobos A4
11.1 Akiko* Like Ancient
11.2 Concept 1 96 - 02:04
11.3 DBX Baby Judy
11.4 Ricardo Villalobos Gerausche #01
11.5 Ricardo Villalobos A4
Minimal Master
12.1 Akiko* Like Ancient
12.2 Concept 1 96 - 02:04
12.3 Ricardo Villalobos A4
12.4 Robert Hood Home
12.5 The Kooky Scientist Organ Donor
All 4 Du***
13.1 Akiko* Like Ancient
13.2 Concept 1 96 - 02:04
13.3 K. Alexi Shelby* All For Lee-Sah
13.4 I. A. Bericochea Uno
13.5 Niederflur Sprinkler
13.6 Sammy Dee & Guido Schneider Styleways
13.7 The Kooky Scientist Organ Donor
14.1 Detroit Grand Pubahs Dr. Bootygrabber
14.2 Jay Haze Groove (LoSoul Remix)
Remix – LoSoul
14.3 Mono Junk Input 2
14.4 I. A. Bericochea Uno
14.5 Niederflur Sprinkler
14.6 Sammy Dee & Guido Schneider Styleways
The Tunnel
15.1 Detroit Grand Pubahs Dr. Bootygrabber
15.2 F.U.S.E. FU
15.3 Galoppierende Zuversicht Linguini Al Denta
15.4 Ø Rontgen
15.5 Richie Hawtin SixFourSeven
15.6 Richie Hawtin The Floyds
15.7 Sleeparchive Elephant Island
16.1 Detroit Grand Pubahs Dr. Bootygrabber
16.2 False River Camping
16.3 Galoppierende Zuversicht Linguini Al Denta
16.4 Heartthrob Golum
16.5 Plastikman Hypokondriak
16.6 Ricardo Villalobos A5
16.7 Richie Hawtin Atmosphere 4 (Post WMC Conversation)
16.8 Richie Hawtin Pop Musik
Noch Nah(r)
17.1 Luciano & Quenum Orange Mistake
17.2 Canson Rarefied
17.3 NSI Clara Ghavami (Luciano Edit)
Remix – Luciano
17.4 Peter F. Spiess Comet
17.5 Plastikman Hypokondriak
17.6 Richie Hawtin Pop Musik
17.7 Someone Else (2) Bedroom Eyes
17.8 Stewart Walker Ghost Stations
Weiter Noch
18.1 Alex Under Tercer Collage
18.2 Department Of Dance I Love Sähkö
18.3 Jeff Samuel Lomp
18.4 Matthew Dear Pinch & Pillage
18.5 NSI Clara Ghavami (Luciano Edit)
Remix – Luciano
18.6 Pan Sonic Murto Neste
18.7 Peter F. Spiess Comet
18.8 Richie Hawtin SevenFourSix
18.9 Stewart Walker Ghost Stations
Where Is Mayday?
19.1 Alex Under Tercer Collage
19.2 Matt John Birdy Bunsspecht
19.3 Matthew Dear Pinch & Pillage
19.4 Pan Sonic Murto Neste
19.5 Pantytec Micromission
The Hole
20.1 Cabanne Foodalg
20.2 Marc Houle Hello 2
20.3 Pan Sonic Johdin
20.4 Pan Sonic Murto Neste
20.5 Plastikman Lodge Ekkos
20.6 Plastikman Circles
20.7 Secondo Caramel
20.8 Sleeparchive Track 2
20.9 Speedy J Symmetry
(D)ecaying Beauty
21.1 Carl Craig Twilight
21.2 Dwarf Percussion Electrique
21.3 Marc Houle Hello 2
21.4 Mono Junk Input 1
21.5 NSI Clara Ghavami (Luciano Edit)
Remix – Luciano
21.6 Pantytec Elastobabe (Soul Capsule's Cosmic Warrior Mix)
Remix – Soul Capsule
21.7 Ricardo Villalobos A2
21.8 Secondo Caramel
21.9 Theorem Nebulus
Noch Ein Mal
22.1 Compass Messinger
22.2 Mono Junk Input 195
22.3 Ø Twin Bleebs
22.4 Ricardo Villalobos Hireklon
22.5 Ricardo Villalobos A2
22.6 Sleeparchive ACD - Slow
Do You Know Dimbi?
23.1 Cabanne Foodalg
23.2 Dimbiman Do The Dimbi
23.3 DJ Minx Undaground Boogie
23.4 Slam This World (Wighnomy Brothers & Robag Wruhme Dub)
Remix – Wighnomy Brothers & Robag Wruhme
23.5 Stewart Walker & Gregory Shiff Do You Know Me?
23.6 Theorem Nebulus
Power Nine/Six
24.1 Cabanne Foodalg
24.2 Dimbiman Do The Dimbi
24.3 DJ Minx Undaground Boogie
24.4 DJ Slip Everytime Takes A Little While
24.5 K. Alexi Shelby* Vertigo
24.6 NSI Clara Ghavami (Luciano Edit)
Remix – Luciano
24.7 Roman Flügel Pattern 14
24.8 Slam This World (Wighonmy Brothers & Robag Wruhme Dub)
Remix – Wighnomy Brothers & Robag Wruhme
25.1 DBX Losing Control
25.2 DBX Untitled
25.3 DJ Slip Everytime Takes A Little While
25.4 K. Alexi Shelby* My Medusa
25.5 NSI Clara Ghavami (Luciano Edit)
Remix – Luciano
25.6 Ricardo Villalobos A5
25.7 Villalobos* Bach To Back
25.8 Roman Flügel Pattern 14
25.9 Slam This World (Wighonmy Brothers & Robag Wruhme Dub)
Remix – Wighnomy Brothers & Robag Wruhme
25.10 Stewart Walker Sunclipse
Regaining Control
26.1 DBX Losing Control
26.2 Maurizio M07B (Unreleased Mix)
26.3 NSI Clara Ghamavi (Luciano Edit)
Remix – Luciano
26.4 Ø Kuvio
26.5 Ricardo Villalobos Ahorn
26.6 Speedy J Minimal
Ich Weiss Nicht
27.1 Jeff Samuel Lost
27.2 Maurizio M07B (Unreleased Mix)
27.3 Plastikman I Don't Know
27.4 Villalobos* Bach To Back
27.5 Ricardo Villalobos Ahorn
28.1 Plastikman I Don't Know
28.2 Underground Resistance Transition (A Capella)
Live @ TDK Time Warp Mix 2005
TW01 Ryan Crosson Painters Day
TW02 Thomas Barnett Do Bionics Crystallize
TW03 The Plan 4 Bit Logic
TW04 Underground Resistance Transition (A Capella)
TW05 Zwosh 001
TW06 Lemon8 Model 8
TW07 Guido Schneider Bassism
TW08 Guido Schneider Removed
TW09 Ø Atomitv
TW10 DBX Losing Control
TW11 Matthew Dear Pinch & Pillage



CD only contains tracks 1-21. DVD contains all 28 tracks. Track names are listed as the index below.
DVD also contains a Mix + Video: 'Live @ TDK Time Warp Mix 2005'. Tracklistings have trackpoints identified as TW01-TW11.
DVD Direction by Ali M. Demirel. The Tunnel: Directed by Ali M. Demirel (for full credits please see Video credits on DVD)
We (All) Search: Re-interpreted by Ali M. Demirel based on the movie 'Stalker' by Andrei Tarkovsky (for full credits please see Video credits on DVD).

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NOMU150DVD Richie Hawtin DE9 | Transitions(DVD, Mixed, Multichannel, NTSC + CD, Enh, Mixed) NovaMute NOMU150DVD UK & Europe 2005 Sell This Version
XECD-9046 Richie Hawtin DE9 | Transitions(DVD-V, Mixed, Multichannel, NTSC + CD, Enh, Mixed) Third Ear (2) XECD-9046 Japan 2005 Sell This Version
NoMu 150 CD Richie Hawtin DE9 | Transitions(CD) NovaMute NoMu 150 CD UK 2006 Sell This Version
NOMU150DVD Richie Hawtin DE9 | Transitions(CDr, Mixed, Comp, Promo) NovaMute NOMU150DVD Europe 2005 Sell This Version
3087-2, 724596308721, NOMU150DVD Richie Hawtin DE9 | Transitions(DVD-V, Comp, P/Mixed, Multichannel, NTSC + CD, Com) NovaMute, NovaMute, NovaMute 3087-2, 724596308721, NOMU150DVD US 2005 Sell This Version


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September 11, 2008
Well, what can I say about this other than it's a modern day masterpiece. Anyone who classes themselves as a fan of electronic music should consider this as an album to have in their collection.

I still remember the first time I put the DVD in, switched on the 5.1 surround sound, and heard the intro swirling round the room... it's like a spaceship is landing on top of your house!

Im not going to go into detail talking about every track thats on the album, because lets face it I'd be here for about a week, but the whole concept of this album proves yet again that Richie Hawtin is the true pioneer of electronic music.

Albums like this which push the boundaries of what is possible with technology and music should inspire artists and listeners alike, and thankfully it shows what quality there is out there as opposed to the mindless drivvel dominating the charts today.


November 15, 2005
edited over 12 years ago
Since buying this last week I have not listened to anything else. Inspite of this I still find it impossible to understand quite how some thing so minimal can be so complex, so engrossing, so full of restless energy. Richie has been producing fine music for at least 10 years but here he has finally arrived, creating something truely groundbreaking in its conception, production and execution. But unlike so many other Techno tracks or mixs that claim to be the next step in Techno this is not overtly experiemental or esoteric, rather it is a natural and perfect crystalisation of where Techno has been going and where it has come from over the last 10 years.