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Afghan Acid (Biodreams Faster Than Light Remix)
Midex II
Citric Acid

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May 21, 2020
edited about 1 year ago
referencing The Afghan Flashbacks, 12", EX-26

This is the one you need. The Biodreams mix is different here to the one on the EXtortion double. It's a bit slicker in the sense it's even more stripped down and straight up slays floors wherever you may play this bad boi. Assuming you actually play Techno instead of posing on CDJs rinsing your Mills MP3s like a generic muppet. See what you do, is play this version after the EXtortion one. 10min + of acid ecstasy right there.

Now go. No time wasters.

As an aside, my vinyl copy seems to have a white line down the middle in what looks like a dark grey matrix and the label looks photocopied because Damon was just another dude on a budget back then. I got it around release day, too, fresh off the fax, so I'm fairly certain it aint a bootleg. Unless for some reason someone though this was worth bootlegging right up when it was released and it was carried by their distro. Dunno. Looks like they got a dodgy doughnut at the plant - but it has no influence on sound quality - get one of those if you can, because that's what Techno is all about: the sketchy shit that makes Karen and her soundcloud account lose their fucking mind. No Mills allowed.