Ro-D-Ys ‎– Any Time : Een Groninger Beatlegende

Not On Label ‎– 246
3 × CD, Compilation

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1.1 Ro-D-Ys Tomorrow
1.2 Ro-D-Ys Throw Away The Key
1.3 Ro-D-Ys Distination
1.4 Ro-D-Ys I Got To Tell You Right Now
1.5 Ro-D-Ys Tell Me What Did I Do Wrong
1.6 Ro-D-Ys Me
1.7 Ro-D-Ys Paradise
1.8 Ro-D-Ys I'm A Boy
Songwriter – Pete Townshend
1.9 Ro-D-Ys You Better Take Care Of Youself
1.10 Ro-D-Ys You Better Take Care Of Youself
1.11 Ro-D-Ys Wheels Wheels Wheels
1.12 Ro-D-Ys Take Her Home
1.13 Ro-D-Ys Only One Week
1.14 Ro-D-Ys Just Fancy
1.15 Ro-D-Ys Gods Of Evil
1.16 Ro-D-Ys Hitch-Hiking
17 Ro-D-Ys Bad Babe
1.18 Ro-D-Ys My Woman Has Got Loose
1.19 Ro-D-Ys Waiting For A Cloud-Burst
1.20 Ro-D-Ys When You Hear This Song
1.21 Ro-D-Ys Just Go On
1.22 Ro-D-Ys Destination
1.23 Ro-D-Ys I Still Got You
1.24 Ro-D-Ys Let's Try
1.25 Ro-D-Ys Wrong Wrong Shoe
1.26 Ro-D-Ys Flowers Ev'rywhere
1.27 Moan (2) Flowers Ev'rywhere
2.1 Ro-D-Ys Stop Looking On Deadlock
2.2 Ro-D-Ys Sleep Sleep Sleep
2.3 Ro-D-Ys Show Me By Candelight
2.4 Ro-D-Ys Anytime
2.5 Ro-D-Ys Dr Cipher
2.6 Ro-D-Ys Unforgettable Girl
2.7 Ro-D-Ys Everytime A Secound
2.8 Ro-D-Ys Isn't It A Good Time
2.9 De Schuyt Isn't It A Good Time
2.10 Ro-D-Ys Love Is Almost Ev'rywhere
2.11 Ro-D-Ys Robinetta
2.12 Ro-D-Ys No Place Like Home
2.13 Ro-D-Ys Earnest Vocation
2.14 Ro-D-Ys Easy Come Easy Go
2.15 Ro-D-Ys Look For Windchild
2.16 Ro-D-Ys Let It Be Tomorrow
2.17 Ro-D-Ys Peace Ants
2.18 Ro-D-Ys Winter Woman
2.19 Ro-D-Ys Looking For Something Better
2.20 Zen (8) Get Me Down
2.21 Zen (8) Wayfaring Strange
2.22 Zen (8) Take Me Down To The Riverside
2.23 Zen (8) Let Me Try To Try
2.24 Onno (6) Struck By Melody
3.1 Harley Jay Rosy
Electric Piano – Herman BroodGuitar – Eelco Gelling
3.2 Harley Jay Lifetime
Electric Piano – Herman BroodGuitar – Eelco Gelling
3.3 Oranje band (nl) Wilhelmus
3.4 Harley Jay Backdoor Lover
3.5 Harry Rijnbergen Breakin It Down
3.6 Harry Rijnbergen Together
3.7 Harry Rijnbergen Rainbowchea
3.8 Ro-D-Ys Winter Woman
3.9 Ro-D-Ys You Better Take Care On Yourself
3.10 Ro-D-Ys Robinetta
3.11 Ro-D-Ys Love Is Almost Ev'rywhere
3.12 Ro-D-Ys Gods Of Evil
3.13 Harry Rijnbergen Take Her Home
3.14 Harry Rijnbergen Rock And Roller
3.15 Harry Rijnbergen Mysterious Ways
3.16 Harry Rijnbergen Burn My Blues
3.17 Harry Rijnbergen Gods Take Away


Book with 3 cd's and 1 dvd


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October 8, 2017

Most complete collection of The Ro-d-ys ever! Three CD's containing everything the group released and some unreleased tracks, including a 1966 acetate containing 8 demos. Disc three contains material related to Ro-d-ys (ex) members, including a handful of studio material recorded in 1988 while rehearsing for reunion gig. The fourth disc is a DVD containing the film footage that exists of the group and a radio documentary. The book contains the biography of the group with lots of stories and numerous rare photos.