Rob Quest ‎– Latest Greatest And A Lil Bit Of Some'hing In Between Vol.1

Two Rich Records ‎– none

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1 Rob Quest Leon Skit Intro
2 Rob Quest No Name [Unreleased]
3 Rob Quest Get You Acklamated
Featuring – Original Kerigimas 7, Wayne of Ideal
4 John Klemmer Free Soul
5 Odd Squad I Can't See It [LP Mix]
6 Rob Quest Holla When They Need Work [Rough Mix]
7 Rob Quest Skit
8 Domo Odd Squad Intro [Rough Mix]
9 Bohannon* Save Their Souls
10 Odd Squad Smokin Dat Weed [LP Mix]
11 Rob Quest Rapp Session Unreleased Instrumental]
12 Andy Bey Hibiscus
13 Odd Squad Fa Sho Pussy [LP Mix]
14 Odd Squad Owww [Unreleased 4 Track Demo Freestyle]
15 Odd Squad Swing Dem Hoes [Unreleased 4 Track Demo Freestyle]
16 Odd Squad Grab The Vibe [Unreleased 4 Track Demo Freestyle]
17 Odd Squad Gettin' High [Collector's Version]
18 Rob Quest Skit
19 Odd Squad Southern Fried [Rough Demo Version]
20 Odd Squad Southern Fried [Collector's Version]
21 Odd Squad Time To Come Back [Unreleased Demo Mix]
22 Odd Squad Wasting Time [Unreleased Demo Mix]
23 Odd Squad Tryin' To Live [David Banner Version]
Featuring – Gang Green (2), Original Kerigimas 7
24 Odd Squad Tryin' To Live [LP Version]
Featuring – Gang Green (2)
25 Rob Quest Skit
26 Coughee Brothaz Four Rules [Unreleased]
Featuring – D-Loc (3), Original Kerigimas 7
27 Coughee Brothaz Shouda Seen It Coming
Featuring – D-Loc (3), Do Dirty, KB (2)
28 Devin The Dude Intro Skit
29 Devin The Dude Stars In The Sky [Unreleased 4 Track Demo Mix]
Featuring – Uncle Eddie
30 Sérgio Mendes Davy
31 Devin The Dude Reefer & Beer [Rough Version]
32 Devin The Dude Reefer & Beer [LP Version]
33 Bloodstone Little Linda
34 Devin The Dude Go Somewhere [Rough Version]
35 Devin The Dude Go Somewhere [LP Version]


Sold by Rob Quest on his MySpace page, CD-R in a slim case