Robert Armani - Gene Hunt - K.Alexi* ‎– Chicago Triple Threat

3 × CD, Album, Mixed


1.01 Robert Armani Sun
1.02 Robert Armani Temperature
1.03 Robert Armani Attack
1.04 Robert Armani Backyard
1.05 Robert Armani Armani Hell
1.06 Robert Armani Damage
1.07 Robert Armani Smoke
1.08 Robert Armani Roll Off
1.09 Robert Armani Darkness
1.10 Robert Armani Combine
1.11 Robert Armani Surgery
1.12 Robert Armani Roll Off (Remix)
2.01 Gene Hunt Overload
2.02 Gene Hunt Pressure Point
2.03 Gene Hunt Liquid
2.04 Gene Hunt Optic
2.05 Gene Hunt Slyders
2.06 Gene Hunt Rider
2.07 Gene Hunt Norway
2.08 Gene Hunt Nexus
2.09 Gene Hunt Ground Floor
2.10 Gene Hunt D.N.A.
2.11 Gene Hunt Time Frame
2.12 Gene Hunt Bass Drive
2.13 Gene Hunt Q Ball
2.14 Gene Hunt Time Warp
2.15 Gene Hunt Bungee Jump
3.01 K-Alexi In 2 The Mixxx
3.02 K-Alexi Clap Your Hands
3.03 K-Alexi Count On Jazz
3.04 K-Alexi Jazz Da Mother
3.05 K-Alexi String Play
3.06 K-Alexi A Groove Pi
3.07 K-Alexi Time
3.08 K-Alexi Luv K
3.09 K-Alexi DJ Break
3.10 K-Alexi Wild Dream
3.11 K-Alexi Game Show
3.12 K-Alexi 4 Play Of The Soul
3.13 K-Alexi 2000+
3.14 K-Alexi Sunny Dazy



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April 22, 2009

Man what a disappointment, I bought this with a very open mind, but it is a very awkward collection of tunes and programmed in a way that makes it come off as very spurr of the moment in a way that seems careless. I can understand recording a set like a live pa for example but this never goes anywhere and is filled with silly samples used over and over and over. Every year I try to give it a listen but just cant even make it thru each song and get so mad the entire 3 cd's of tunes are prettymuch garbage. I respect all 3 artists on this collection too, I love most of their other works and have some all time favorites from each of these world class producers, but man this album is like a classic example of what NOT to do on a release.