Robert Bly (2), Galway Kinnell, Michael Benedikt, John Logan (2) ‎– Today's Poets Their Poems - Their Voices. Volume 5

Scholastic Records ‎– FS 11005
Vinyl, LP


A1 Robert Bly (2) Driving To Town Late To Mail A Letter, Three Kinds Of Pleasures, Driving Through Ohio 3:04
A2 Robert Bly (2) Driving Towards The Lac Qui Parle River, Love Poem, Talking Hands, Watching Television 3:19
A3 Robert Bly (2) Hatred Of Men With Black Hair, Counting Small-Boned Bodies, Driving Through Minnesota During The Hanoi Bombings 4:04
A4 Robert Bly (2) Waking From An Afternoon Sleep, Awakening 3:05
A5 Galway Kinnell First Song 1:07
A6 Galway Kinnell The Avenue Bearing The Initial Of Christ Into The New World (Section 6 And Section 11) 5:30
A7 Galway Kinnell The Porcupine 4:13
A8 Galway Kinnell The Bear 4:01
B1 Michael Benedikt Air, The Cities, Coiffure 3:36
B2 Michael Benedikt The Wings Of The Nose, The Eye 2:38
B3 Michael Benedikt Some Litanies, Pink Buds 3:39
B4 Michael Benedikt In Love With You, The European Shoe, Inside The Mystery 3:58
B5 John Logan (2) Song On The Dread Of A Chill Spring, The Brothers: Two Saltimbanques 4:59
B6 John Logan (2) Protest After A Dream, New York Scene: May 1958 4:17
B7 John Logan (2) The Picnic 6:32