Robert Inhuman ‎– Just Like Knives; Live This Way And Carry On

Morepunklessrock ‎– MPLR#36


1 Aaron Quinn Untitled
2 Chad Shepherd INN
3 Mavis Concave Believe In Your Girlmouth
4 Robad Pills Just Another Fuck
5 Royce Icon Untitled
6 Nick Nerswick Gaba, Gaba, Gaba
7 Kali's Thugs Calcutta Is My Home
8 Bobby Walker (8) 6secllnight
9 Royce Icon Untitled
10 Aaron Quinn MPLR Gabber Collage
11 INHV* Untitled
12 Infamous A The Girlmouth Becomes My Mouth
13 Sweater Splash Untitled
14 TV Kill DMX RMX
15 Royce Icon Untitled
16 Kali's Thugs Wait A Minute Death
17 Bobby Walker (8) Kicked Back
18 Jimmy Swill* Untitled
19 Aaron Quinn Untitled
20 Mavis Concave Cosmetic Power Rangers In Space
21 INHV* Untitled
22 Kali's Thugs He Takes My Treasure...
23 Nick Nerswick All Hail
24 Aaron Quinn Untitled
25 Royce Icon Untitled
26 INHV* All Night (Inst)
27 INHV* Your Time Is Up (Inst)
28 INHV* Girlmouth (Inst)
29 INHV* Cosmetic Surgery (Inst)
30 INHV* So Safe To Assume (Inst)
31 INHV* So Young (Inst)
32 INHV* Miracle (Inst)
33 INHV* Kick Back Keep Cool (Inst)
34 INHV* Waiting (Inst)
35 INHV* Hands Off (Inst)
36 Unknown Artist Untitled


First disc audio-graffiti on Robert Inhuman's "Endless Robbery Inside Candy Affection" 3" CD-R.
Contains mixes 1-35 out of 1,000.
Edition of 30 something, screenprinted discs.

Track 36 is unlisted.