Robol ‎– Música Metaphysica

Telekinett ‎– Tele001
CD, Album


1 Música Metaphysica 4:49
2 Ectoplasm 6:16
3 Lumen 7:26
4 Soundless Sound 5:49
5 Clairaudience 6:13
6 Xenoglossis 13:22
7 Kinetic Phenomena 16:42
8 Radiesthesia 12:19


  • Engineer, Performer, Producer, DesignRobol


Mexican Electro-Acoustic artist Mauricio Reyes "Robol" worked on the production of his debut album over a period of one year.

Música Metaphysica explores the properties of dissonance and parallel dimensions in sound. Spirit and matter are different states of the same thing—like ice and water. Matter embodies inertia, weight, potential, and darkness. Matter must be imbued
with spirit, which is energy, movement, light, and potency.

A means of connecting both states is a technique in sound dissonance called Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), also known as Instrumental Transcommunication. EVP is utilized to receive messages from beyond this earthbound realm using electronic instrumentation combined with white noise. These instruments can include tape recorders, telephones, answering machines, radios, televisions, or anything else electronic.

Disembodied voices have been heard in the séance rooms of mediums for the past 150 years in the course of modern Spiritualism. The late sitters Betty Greene and George Woods made it their lifetime work to copy their tape recordings of communications in direct voice at Leslie Flint's séance room and make them available for anyone who asked for them. Parts of Música Metaphyisca contain sound clips recorded during séance sessions, hugely amplified.

Música Metaphysica takes the listener through different environments and dimensions in sound. The basis of the recording is an artificial audio-redundancy that serves as the vehicle to enter such dimensions. The piece is 74 minutes long.

By means of different frequencies and white noise the listener is put in a state of inertia. This state of “sleep” while the listener is awake is similar to the effects of Brion Gysin’s Dreamachine. Thus, Música Metaphysica combines spirit and matter in audible environments.

Musica Metaphysica was engineered, performed and produced by Robol at the Telekinett Station, Virginia, USA. Dedicated to The Hafler Trio and Andrew McKenzie.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 884501313537