Rockin' Redskins Plus The 'Cinco'pators ‎– The Rockin' Redskins Plus The 'Cinco'pators

Cinti ‎– 18997
Vinyl, LP, Album


A1 Wipe Out
A2 A Taste Of Honey (The Cincopators)
A3 And I Love Her
A4 Walk, Don't Run (The Cincopators)
A5 Someone To Watch Over Me
A6 Fiddler On The Roof
B1 A Hard Day's Night
B2 If I Were A Rich Man (The Cincopators)
B3 The Lonely Bull
B4 Wonderland By Night
B5 Mexican Shuffle (The Cincopators)
B6 The Stripper


The Rockin' Redskins is the name given to the dance band of Onarga High School! Included in this group are 4 saxes, 3 cornets, 3 trombones, plus the rhythm section. Roger Windhorn (1st alto), Ron Nolde (2nd tenor), Vicki Molck (3rd alto), and Rand Osterbur (4th tenor), make up the saxophone section. The cornets are Dale Muir (1st), Lloyd Thorne (2nd), and Jack Warren (3rd). Trombones include Kevin Middleton (1st), Nancy Hollingsworth (2nd), and Mary Hollingsworth (3rd). Consisting of 5 members, in the rhythm section are Cindy Osterbur (piano), Bob Conn (drums), Russ Ficklin (string bass), Rich Wasmer (guitar), and Foreed Ayoub (bass).

Take two cornets, one trombone, a set of drums, and all kinds of sound effects and you come up with some pretty swingin' music. Dale Muir, Jack Warren, Kevin Middleton, Bob Conn, and Ron Nolde join their instruments together to the 'CINCO'PATORS.