Rocking Distant Thunder ‎– Ford Capri Driver / Behind The Green Door

Trackdown Records ‎– TRD 2016
Vinyl, 12"


A Ford Capri Driver
B Behind The Green Door


The release is credited to Rocking Distant Thunder even if on the label you can read that the A side is by Rocking Distant Thunder and that the B side is by Rocking.



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November 5, 2003

"- My son, my son check this out check this out...
Yo! I'm gonna slow the track down so that his dumb illiterate ass can understand what's going on.
So, you with it?
-I'm ready.
-O.K ".

So starts "Ford Capri Driver". The track in question is a remake of Orlando Voorn's Fix-Flash. The speed of the record is 126 BPM as opposed to the 136 of the original and the first impression you get is that in fact it has been slowed down even if it is a cover.

The track was very successfully morphed into house with the introduction of a typical "house" female voice muttering things like "Oh, baby!" and "Yeah, baby!", and of course filtered breaks and more housey organic precussions.
Considering the contemporary remakes of "Fix-Flash" by Savas Pascalidis and Flippo Moscatello (both on Gigolo Records), "Ford Capri Driver" is by far the most interesting approach on Voorn's Classic, even if "Fix-Flash" still sounds fresher then any of the above.

"Behind the Green Door", obviously named after the famous porn classic, is not at all what you would expect for the B side of a release like this. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe that is why on the label you can read "This track (A) by Rocking Distant Thunder. That track (B) by Rocking". A simple beat, an hypnotic voice and melodies from a far away land (I would say India, maybe) take you on a soothing trip. Still, I think I'm missing a few references here.