Ron Brentano With The Humanatones And Mike Russo (1) ‎– A Pilgrim Life With Music

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Oregon History Music Company (ASCAP).
Track notes - items of interest:
"Bonneville Rag" was written for the Bonneville Power film Intertie.
"Polly Put the Kettle On" is a traditional banjo tune and was performed for a program on the Dust Bowl years.
"Handsome Molly" is a traditional English folk song, and is from a public television show in 1963.
"Banjo On a Mountain" is a traditional bluegrass tune.
"Salty Dog" is a traditional bluegrass tune from the group's public TV broadcast.
"Song of the Patroller" is a traditional Southern Mountain song played to warn of patrols that hunted runaway slaves.
"Salt Creek" is a traditional fiddle tune.
"Down in the Willow Garden" is an old "murdered girl" ballad, here done as an instrumental.
"Little Maggie" is an old mountain and bluegrass favorite.
"Hard Times" published by Fort Knox Music, Inc/Trio Music Company, Inc.(BMI).
"Do Re Mi" published by Ludlow Music, Inc.(BMI)
"Willamette Falls" was composed after the site of traditional Indian fishing ground and present-day power generation.
"It's Raining Again" is a response to Ron's wife Mary's questioning the weather.
"Russian Tune" is a traditional tune learned from Russian Jews in NYC in the 1950s.
"Febraury 14th" honors Oregon's statehood and Valentine's Day.
"Folding Away the Baby's Clothes" is a sad song written in 1882, by Oregonian Charles E. Bray.
"Is There No Hope For Erin" is a bittersweet tune from 1881 for old Ireland.
"Baby Face" is a popular song published in 1926 by Benny Davis Music/B and G Publishing Company(ASCAP).
"Dancing To The Music Of The Bells" is a tune from Old Oregon, written in 1885.
"The Libby Schnottische" was written in 1885 for a prominent lady, Libby C. Failing.
"Don't Fence Me In" was written in 1944 for the film "Hollywood Canteen," published by Warner Brothers Music (ASCAP).
"Bonneville Rag (reprise)" was recorded at the home of Ron Brentano.