Rubber O Cement ‎– Butyl RNA World, Solid City State, Ratar Toilet Seat Cover

Brutal Sound Effects ‎– none
DVDr, NTSC, Compilation


1 Pedantio Universal Receiver Gene Transfer Via oDNA Zweichen Neuter Goon
2 Transisterised Trauma Thunderbunkers
3 Crossed Teletube Discussion On Cellular Physiology Of Neurons Embedded In Their Native Brain Circuitry Of The Cerebral Toy-Vortex. (EXCERPT) (4 PARTS) (Edited For Your Age And Controversial Content.) AUDIO WAFFLE 2 SACRAMENTO
4 Elastomer Resin-Garbage Disc-Sun (TM)
5 Eye Calipers For The Thorium Endo Bond Lokidigs. Tread Transfer Immediately After Reversed Transcription Of Ty RNA But Before Integration Of Tyre DNA. Chronobot Dishscope Reduced Growth On Renal-Dox Axium As The Sole Carbon Droop-Atom Source.
6 Untitled
7 Casa-D South of The Border Sulfate Pepper. Corrosion Tests, Fluidized Bed Processors, Gas Performance Tests, Turbogenerators, Erosion, Efficiency Flow Velocity, Gas Analysis, Gas Flow, Oxidation, Pressurized Temperature Effects.
8 Solid City State Episode ii3 - Southern Flouride Rotten Spider Easter Bash
9 Untitled
10 Mutatational And Micro Dust Parade Of The U~Molecule / Neprhetiti Canker Claus!!! My Little Extracellular Rehydration Parasite Ponies. Medullary Cystic Kidney Fry-Harp A) Muscle Cell............ Electronic! B) Determinations Of Urinary Bat Cardiophone C) Parasite Plastic Oxidized And L.E.D. Maxi Flush D) Mesangial Cell Explosion-Function!!
11 Nasa-D Inter Silicate Liquimarriage Miscarriage
12 Organic-Keramik Panto-Gallery
13 Untitled
Consult Lymphocyte Infinity Prophet For Insta-Sanity Loop. Play Up To 200 Hours.
14 Untitled
15 Untitled
16 Untitled
17 Untitled
18 Untitled
19 Untitled
20 Untitled


Tracklist is nonsequential, as menus are chaotic and nonlinear. Some videos are processed for retina-melting 3D playback, and the DVD case comes equipped with appropriate eyewear.