Rubber O Cement ‎– Kaiser Langerhan's Hysterical Cytosine!!

Brutal Sound Effects ‎– none
CDr, Limited Edition, Enhanced


1 DNA Flower Bearing Messenger
2 Seal The Kaiser's Lips With A Natural Guanine Kiss
3 A Polypeptide Chain Letter
4 Base Macromolecules Composed Sonnet
5 Exons Are Introns With A Little Sugar In 'Em
6 A Eukaryotic Gene's Riposte
7 Polymer Au Single Golden Strand
8 Aqualine Prevalent Features Of Human Neoplasia
9 MeTase Protein Levels Deepening With Amour
10 Half The Night Away In Reactive Oxidizing
11 My-My Baby Bacillus Stearothermophilus Keep On
12 Structure Of The Protein, Shape Of The Heart
13 Bacterial Polymerase Love Mutation
14 Right Address, Incorrect Adenine Nucleotide
15 8-Oxoguanine Fashion Lady
16 DNA Mispairs Kickin' And Grindin'
17 A Thymine Summer Feeling
18 Inserting A Human Gene Fly Groove
19 Vulnerable Little Motor Neurons
20 What Are You Cryin' FOr Archea?
21 Compartmentalized "Organelles" Dancer
22 Two Prokayotic Groups Fused Get Lucky
23 Love Is Different For Modern Eukaryotes
24 Pyrolobus Fumarii Heatwave
25 Eukaryotes Broke Your Heart
26 The J-Jay V-Veins Asunder
27 Lip Groove Hyperthermophilic Zeit
28 Magnetic Hopes And Dreams
29 Sulfide To Sulfuric Playthings
30 Smooth Pyrite Sediments Love Chimes
31 Ferroplasma Acidarmanus Make In Heaven
32 Baby Bacillus Love Flow Inside Of You
33 Cytoplasmic Membrane In Your Eyes
34 Chromium Veil Layin' Down Next To Me
35 Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria Had Me Hypnotized
36 Bedroom Genomic Sequence Tittilation
37 Desulfovibrio Samba Hips
38 PreBotzinger Complex Wanna Hold You
39 Oh Mama, You Motor Neuron Toxin!!
40 The Sexy 250 Millileters Of Oxygen
41 Sweeter And Sweeter; Organotin
42 Run My Fingers Through Your Methoxymethane
43 Dimethyl Ether Love Trail
44 Nitrogenous Base Drivin' Me Crazy
45 The Diploid Human Genome Thump
46 Music For Music Critics
47 Base Sequence Analysis Star Shines
48 Cytogenetics Valentines
49 I See The Prokaryote On The Wall
50 Expressed Sequence Tag Grace
51 Love Sea Flow Cytometry I
52 Candles Of Gel Electrophoresis
53 Genetic Polymorphism-Amory Scene
54 Wings Of Beautiful Fly Gene Groove Beast


"When playing this artifact please let your woofers leap at [their?] fullest volume. Let your tweeters squawk at maximum stretch!! If you wish [to hear?] the edited version of this cd then please skip to track 44 or 47 where you will be rewarded with a less satisfying headache!! This set of compositions, assembled herein, are for scientists, science minded futurists, and Chlamydophilia Caviae lovers only!!" Comes with bonus mpeg of Pedantic Universal Receiver Gene Transfer Via cDNA Zwischen Neuter Goon and Type A/B Blood Exploring the Chlamydophilia Caviae Erogenous Zones.