Rubbish & Circle Six ‎– In Praise Of Forgotten Gods

Roil Noise Rubbish ‎– RNR 08
2 × CDr, Mini


1-1 Rubbish Untitled 16:52
2-1 Circle Six Untitled 11:40


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April 11, 2007
edited over 11 years ago
Split release with Rubbish, owner of Roil Noise Rubbish, and Circle Six. This split 2x3" release is packaged in a dual hub, which I'm beginning to love a lot. It's like a sandwich except the two cdr's don't touch each other. It gives the buyer/trader a good taste of what each artist is about. It's all placed in a small ziplock bag with well printed colour art of a temple door. The stencil on each CDr is great as well. Looks pro indeed. Much like a Roil Noise Offensive release.

The Rubbish track starts off with heavy harsh wall for about 30 seconds, then comes in the sounds of crickets and owls, like this was recorded out doors or something. After a short bit of that the heavy harsh lo-fi rubbish style comes in. Tumbling noise with some hidden sounds in the background that are hard to make out. It then quiets down with some distorted industrial type drums kick'n. Noise rhythms in and out. Not the Rubbish I'm use to but this is just pushing the limit of industrial/noise and I like it a lot. Sounds like it could have been an opening set for Throbbing Gristle. This continues with variations here and there for the duration of the track. Sometimes it will calm down for 10 seconds then bring back up with more heavy noise and a different drum pattern. My favorite single piece from Rubbish so far.

The Circle Six track starts off with a very musical high tone that runs for around 3.5 minutes. There's some subtle vocal blips and lows scraping sounds. Then at 4 minutes the glitch fuckery starts to hit! Loud pulsation’s, glitch patterns fading in and out, channel movement from left to right, repeated loops, odd sounds, this shit will fuck you up high for sure. It all blows up in your face for a good 4 minutes, then calms down a bit to an ambient soundscape with some clicking sounds placed in and out. The track ends softly this way with some vocal samples lightly cascading in. Good production overall. A great split release overall and if you’re into Roil Noise Offensive at all then this beauty won't disappoint at all.