S.P.K.* ‎– Dokument III0 1979 - 1983

Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD 50
6 × Vinyl, LP
3 × Vinyl, 7"
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered


Garibaldi's - Sydney, AUS : 21 April 1979
A1 Slogun 3:44
A2 Panik 2:07
A3 Factory 2:21
A4 Contact 5:42
Odd Fellow Hall - San Francisco, USA : 16 May 1981
A5 The Last Night Of Tibet - Edit 2:56
The Crypt - London, UK : 25 April 1981
A6 Berufsverbot 6:41
A7 Emanation Machine R. Gie 1916 6:10
B1 Ground Zero : Infinity Dose 7:23
B2 Stammheim Torturkammer 4:42
B3 Serenace 8:34
B4 John 4:49
B5 Victim 7:03
Heaven - London, UK : 23 December 1980
C1 Emanation Machine R. Gie 1916 6:41
C2 Suture Obsession 5:58
C3 Epilept : Convulse 2:09
C4 Retard 4:11
C5 Victim 5:45
Brickworks - Sydney, AUS : 6 March 1982
D1 Genetik Transmission 3:22
D2 Napalm (Terminal Patient) 2:48
D3 Post Mortem 2:39
D4 Desolation 1:30
D5 Cry From The Sanatorium 2:59
D6 Baby Blue Eyes 3:52
D7 Israel 2:32
D8 Internal Bleeding 3:01
D9 Chamber Music 4:09
D10 Despair 4:54
Al's Bar - Los Angeles, USA : 24 April 1982
E1 Napalm (Terminal Patient) 2:43
E2 Baby Blue Eyes 3:52
E3 Day Of Pigs 4:35
Off The Wall Hall - Lawrence, USA : 28 April 1982
E4 Maladia Europa (the European Sickness) 3:30
E5 Suture Obsession 4:58
E6 Berufsverbot 5:19
E7 Metall Field 5:34
F1 A Heart That Breaks (In No Time Or Place) 4:15
F2 Cry From The Sanatorium 2:49
F3 Ground Zero : Infinity Dose 4:21
F4 Wars Of Islam 4:21
F5 Walking On Dead Steps 6:01
F6 Despair 4:40
F7 Serenace 8:06
Danceteria - New York, USA : 13 June 1982
G1 Suture Obsession 5:01
G2 Berufsverbot 5:02
G3 Metall Field 5:24
G4 Walking On Dead Steps 5:51
G5 Despair 4:37
G6 Salo Salon 5:52
SO36 - Berlin, GER : 19 November 1982
H1 Maladia Europa (The European Sickness) 4:08
H2 Suture Obsession 5:30
H3 Berufsverbot 5:44
H4 Metall Field 5:58
H5 A Heart That Breaks (In No Time Or Place) 4:50
H6 The Agony Of The Plasma 3:25
H7 Despair 5:12
Sala Borromini - Rome, ITA : 11 December 1982
I1 Inferno 8:39
I2 Delirium 6:13
I3 Animalia 6:54
I4 The Kult Of A Human Head 7:54
J1 The Agony Of The Plasma 3:21
J2 Wars Of Islam 4:51
J3 Walking On Dead Steps 6:09
J4 Despair 5:04
J5 Serenace 8:38
Neroberg - Wiesbaden, GER : 2 December 1982
K1 Animalia 6:06
K2 Chamber Music 4:39
K3 The Kult Of A Human Head 5:38
K4 Wars Of Islam 5:07
Brixton Ace - London, UK : 20 April 1983
K5 Ich Klage An 7:51
L1 Satori 5:43
L2 In The Dying Moments 4:37
De Doelen - Rotterdam, NL : 2 September 1983
L3 Napalm 2 4:34
L4 The Sandstorm Method 9:00
L5 The Kill 5:30
Bonus 7"
M1 No More 2:05
M2 Contact 4:26
N1 Germanik 6:08
O1 Factory 2:05
O2 Retard 4:26
P1 Slogun 6:08
Q1 Mekano 2:14
Q2 Contakt 4:22
R1 Slogun 6:10



Limited edition of 500 numbered copies [bonus for members + 250 for distribution]
Comes in a black wooden box with T-shirt, postcard set in a cardboard case with photos by Sinan Revell, a 36-page 12"x12" booklet with information and photos, and the 3 7" records encased in a smaller, black wooden box.

Side M/N originally released in 1979 by Side Effects - PRS 2617
Side O/P originally released in 1979 by Side Effects - PRS 2643
Side Q/R originally released in 1979 by Side Effects - PRS 2655

Thanks to:
Wolfgang Müller for his kind contact to Graeme and Sinan Revell.
Collection Museum Dr. Guislain Gent for providing pictures.

© 2008

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VOD 50 S.P.K.* Dokument III0 1979 - 1983(6xLP + Box, Comp, Ltd, Num) Vinyl-on-demand VOD 50 Germany 2008 Sell This Version
VOD 50 S.P.K.* Dokument III0 1979 - 1983(6xLP, Gre + 3x7" + Box, Comp, Ltd) Vinyl-on-demand VOD 50 Germany 2008 Sell This Version



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June 8, 2008
<p>I had waited 25 years to hear "No More", and had never met anyone in my area (nyc) that had seen nor heard it. It's definitely more 'punk', I'd say very much like The Panics Gulcher 45, glorious in all its ineptitude! <br><br>
<p>If you listen with headphones, you can hear some audible noise where the 2nd single is a vinyl transfer, but this is a relatively minor complaint.<br><br>
The Sinan fotos are a blast, total cynicism!!!<br>
<p>Unfortunately, the selection of live material for those who have been diligently persistant in tracking down the sporadic releases from Sinan, Mr Revell & assorted others over the past 2 plus decades could've been been a bit more esoteric. Live at The Crypt was widely distributed by Nigel Ayers throughout the eighties. Additionally, although Brickworks is on what has over the years become one of the most widely diseminated underground 'boot' videos ever, Despair, this LP sounds as if it is from a different source tape than the VHS. Unfortunately, however, this one is a bit more muddy. A couple of years ago I had transferred my 25 year old VHS to DVDR and stripped out the Wav using Adobe Audition to filter out the hiss and distortion, perhaps if there was an additional hour or so put into this LP it would've made the sound just completely fuller across the spectrum.
<p>I would've preferred to hear more of the Al's Bar and Brixton Ace 1983 shows, with the still unreleased compositions Die Elektrischen Vorspiele, Hopi Burial, and Haiti in lieu of the relatively common Last Attempt Fresh Sounds cassette.
Looking past these slight discrepancies, I guess we'll have to wait for Volume 2, let's just hope it isn't another 25 years.