SVRM ‎– s/t (2015-2017 compilation)

Trismus Records ‎– TR022
CDr, Compilation


1 mir 03:29
2 Отчаяние 03:22
3 I 05:03
4 Загробное 04:17
5 Экуменополис 03:15
6 Рабство 03:01
7 Зима 04:00
8 Похороны 03:40
9 Туман 03:41
10 Голод 04:24
11 Край 03:51
12 Чорностав 03:37
13 За смертю 03:50
14 Не шкода 03:51


Including sons from 7 (2015), При смерти (2016), Зима (2016), голод (2017), За смертю (2017)

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February 18, 2018

Svrm – „Svrm”
Trismus Records
Limited edition – 50 Copies

SVRM is Ukrainian one-man band founded by Serhiy Tkachenko aka C.. He is famous for his past projects Заводь and Life is Hell. Since 2015 quite a few releases were made by C., to be exact 3 demos and 4 EPs.Trismus Records releases this comprehensive compilation where we can hear how Svrm sound changed over the past two years. Listen to 14 raw atmospheric black metal songs from 5 SVRM releases including 7 (2015), При смерти (2016), Зима (2016), Голод (2017), За смертю (2017).
This album is very emotional, with or without the personal sob-story. But the thing that makes it work really well is the fact that it runs the gamut of human emotions…at times, it sounds very mournful but at other times, it’s quite aggressive and still at others, almost celebratory.The music is lovingly crafted and exceptionally well-played; it’s a truly harmonious work that sends shivers down my spine every time I listen to it.Svrm plays a raw black metal that maintains a rich mood throughout every song and this compilation grips you from beginning to end with enough intensity and atmosphere to keep focus on. There isn’t a boring moment during the album’s entire duration. C. not only set a powerful tone on this album but also display some stunning musicianship to accompany it. There are some incredible riffs to be found here along with terrific melodies.The guitars have a great production for being underground Black Metal, and offer up interesting veiws into what C. are fully capable of. There is alot palm muted, early paced death thrash, riffs mixed in with your more than average straight forward traditional black metal style chord progressions. Lots of cool arpeggiated rythms, and just very powerfull melodies overall make the guitar work on here a bit better then average. Also the drumming is very interesting, combining normal blast beats with some strange drum patterns. Vocals are very good as well with a very clean kind of black metal scream.The production is very good, raw yet clear. All the instruments are audible and captures the essence of the music in true black metal fashion while remaining completely listenable, setting a cool wintery atmosphere to the record. Don’t look for anything progressive here – this is Raw Slavonic Black Metal at its best, nothing more nothing less. If You believe that the last worthy Black Metal record was made a decade ago somewhere in Scandinavia then don’t bother listening to „Svrm”, this album won’t be of any interest to You. „Svrm” is amazing to listen to alone late at night while the sun begins to rise. It’ll really put you in an undescribable mood. You must pick this release up if you’re looking for some catchy and atmospheric raw black metal.
Absit Omen Web-Zine


February 7, 2018

SVRM - s / t (2015-2017 compilation) 2018
(Trismus Records)
Serhiy Tkachenko aka C. (all instruments and vocals) is the sole musical creator and founding member of SVRM. He is also known from his major contribution to such projects as ЗАВОДЬ, LIFE IS HELL, TRUMNA, NECROTIC TRUST and MALENCONTRE. Being originated from Kharkiv one can easily guess, which style was used herewith for the aural expression of thoughts and emotions. Ergo: Black Metal. Since 2015 quite a few releases were made by C., to be exact 3 demos and 4 EPs. Thus as an extraction from the past and as a good example of how SVRM's sound and ideas changed over the past 2 years Trismus Records releases this comprehensive disc consisting of 14 songs. To get the right description regarding the songs included I would recommend you first to imagine the coldness and grimness of the winter wind isolated into the rawest feasible form of Black Metal and secondly to spice that compound up with as many emotional & atmospheric elements as possible. It's melodic, it's harsh and noisy the way it was defined back in the golden times of the genre. So no fancy sounds at all, just pure darkness and visions about death and despair. In a word, it is when the right attitude meets the right sound production. The only thing which makes this release less valuable and attractive is the non-factory pressed CD, as what we have here is a cheap burnt CD-R with a color print on it (kind of stupid tendency lately, I can't understand the point of it). But apart from that it is a good release and a good chance to get the majority of the SVRM releases on a single disc. The 4-panel digipak was minimally designed and it was also limited to 50 physical copies. So hurry to order your copy in time!