S.Y.D* ‎– Hi Wendy

Bruits De Fond ‎– Dig it! 03
File, MP3, Mixed


1 Whitehouse Bird Seed
2 Emptyset Sphere
3 Cortex The Machinic Phylum
4 Sightings Anna Mae Wong
5 Pan Sonic . Haino Keiji* I Have Embedded It Approximately 2 Minutes And 7 Seconds Into The 4th Song, In Order To Return Here Whenever I Wish
6 Force Publique Congo Double King
7 Kevin Drumm Hitting The Pavement
8 Ben Frost ...I Lay My Ear To Furious Latin
9 Yellow Swans Mass Mirage
10 Wzt Hearts Spells
11 Throbbing Gristle Perception Is The Only Reality
12 Chris Watson Veracruz - The Tunnel
13 Wabi Sabi Param
14 Svarte Greiner Candle Light Dinner Actress
15 Stilluppsteypa Reduce By Reducing
16 Michel Chion Requiem Æternam
17 Bjarni Gunnarsson* Blindni
18 Andrew Liles Auto Manipulator - 3rd Degree (The Bitter Aftertaste)
19 Ekkehard Ehlers Untitled
20 Cindytalk Floating Clouds
21 Oneohtrix Point Never Nil Admirari
22 Kid606 Deep Lid Morgue
23 Mika Vainio Processing The Dead Minotaur
24 Null* Materia
25 Pan Sonic Corona
26 Jean Ferraille Phantom
27 The Digitariat Open Door
28 Kit Clayton I Only Want Quiet
29 Climax Golden Twins EF Part One
30 Shop Bag Radio Les Mites Ont La Peau Dure
31 Voice Crack _Silver
32 Current 93 A Dream Of Theinmostlight (For Christoph Heemann)