Sabertooth Zombie ‎– Midnight Venom

Twelve Gauge Records ‎– TG008
CD, Album


1 D.O.A. 1:01
2 Shoes 1:38
3 Decayed Decade 1:32
4 Flee Creep And Cheat 1:08
5 Automatic Minds. Dangerous Lives. 2:43
6 Fragments 1:22
7 The Gallows 1:32
8 American Eyes Part One (Black Of Mouth) 1:51
9 Interlude 0:55
10 Rotten 0:33
11 I'm Fucking Disgusted 1:24
12 Self Mouthed 1:20
13 Seven Swords 1:40
14 Get Bent 0:58
15 Live In Hell Rot In Dirt 1:24
16 Lady Death Is Into Hotrods And Meth Addicts 2:02
17 Giant 1:43
18a American Eyes Part Two (Rat Bones) 8:06
18b Dismantle



Recorded @ Castle Ultimate.

Band members are physically credited as "[J..E..J..A..C]" in the liner notes.

"Portions of Lady Death lifted from '55 Miles To The Gas Pump' by Annie E. Proulx".

Track 5 is listed as "Automatic Minds" in the layout, but is listed as "Automatic Minds. Dangerous Lives." with the lyrics.

Track 7 is listed as "Gallows" with the lyrics, but is listed as "The Gallows" in the layout.

Track 8 is listed as "Black Of Mouth" in the layout, but listed as "American Eyes Part One (Black Of Mouth)" with the lyrics.

Track 9 is an unlisted track, but is found with the title of "Interlude" on the 12 Gauge Records website.

Track 16 is listed as "Lady Death" in the layout, but listed as "Lady Death Is Into Hotrods And Meth Addicts" with the lyrics.

Track 18 is listed as "Rat Bones" in the layout, but listed as "American Eyes Part One (Rat Bones)" with the lyrics. Also, it features a cover song ("Dismantle") originally performed by All Bets Off, which is "hidden" until several minutes after the song "...Rat Bones" ends. "Dismantle" is listed in the credits, but not included in the track listing with the rest of the songs.