Sade* ‎– Interview Deluxe

Epic ‎– ESK 4877
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1 Allie Eberhardt What's The Definition Of "Love Deluxe" ? 0:06
2 Sade* The Definition Of The Title... 0:12
3 Allie Eberhardt Concerning The New Album "Love Deluxe", Who's The Producer? 0:05
4 Sade* We Produced It... 0:13
5 Allie Eberhardt Why? Why Did You Guys Feel Like You Wanted To Produce? 0:04
6 Sade* We Decided That... 1:03
7 Allie Eberhardt Was There Any Difference On Agreeing With The Producing Part Of The Record? 0:05
8 Sade* Not Really... 0:20
9 Allie Eberhardt Listening To "Love Deluxe", Personally I Seem To Nice A Little Bit More Stark Sound, Maybe Some Experimentation With Strings, Cello. Is There, Maybe, A Slight Departure Musically On This Record? 0:15
10 Sade* ...We Approached "Love Deluxe"... 0:47
11 Allie Eberhardt How About The Use Of Strings And Cello? I Hear Some String Noise Especially In "No Ordinary Love" And In "Pearls"... 0:07
12 Sade* I'm Obsessed By Cello... 0:47
13 Allie Eberhardt And "No Ordinary Love", Were There Strings Involved With That? 0:04
14 Sade* Yeah, But Not Real Strings... 0:06
15 Allie Eberhardt As You Well Know, It's Been Said That The Songs Of Sade Are Of Friendship, Love, Lost Love. Where Do These Lyrics Come From? Where Do These Stories Come From? 0:12
16 Sade* The Songs Come From... 0:24
17 Allie Eberhardt Uh, On "Pearls", Very... Straight To The Heart Story. Could You Talk About That? 0:08
18 Sade* "Pearls" Came About Because... 0:59
19 Allie Eberhardt And "Feel No Pain", Sound To Me Like A Song Of The Times. 0:05
20 Sade* ...Yeah, "Feel No Pain"... 0:41
21 Allie Eberhardt Sade, The Band Sade, I Think Has Established A Distinctive Sound Of Their Own. What's Behind The Arrangement Of The Music? 0:14
22 Sade* The Songs Come Together... 0:35
23 Allie Eberhardt Is Sade Considered Soul? 0:04
24 Sade* It's Soulful Music... 0:24
25 Allie Eberhardt Is There Any Kind Of Philosophy... Behind The Band When You're All Together Writing Your Music? 0:08
26 Sade* It's Something Which Has To Be Felt... 0:18
27 Allie Eberhardt When You First Entered The Scene, '84, "Diamond Life", There Was.. A Lot Of Synthesizer Dance Music, But You Succeeded. Would You Explain How You Shone Through This Music At The Time? 0:18
28 Sade* I Think There's A Lot Of People... 0:44
29 Allie Eberhardt Speaking About Going Away... The Four Years That We Didn't Hear From You, What Did You Do? 0:08
30 Sade* Well, We Sort Of... 0:25
31 Allie Eberhardt Where's The House? 0:04
32 Sade* The House Is In London... 0:15
33 Allie Eberhardt Would You Be Able To Describe Each Member Of The Band, Maybe Some Characteristics, What's It Like Working With Them? 0:06
34 Sade* Yeah, Everybody In The Band... 2:23
35 Allie Eberhardt When You First All Got Together And...When You First Heard This (Your) Music, As It Came Out, Did You Have Any Idea At All That It Would Be So Successful? 0:16
36 Sade* In The Beginning... 0:43
37 Allie Eberhardt I Know You Mentioned That, When The Band Goes In Together, After One Album's Completed, You Really Continue With Looking Forward To The Next Album. Is That What Happened After "Diamond Life"? 0:11
38 Sade* ... After "Diamond Life" ... 0:51
39 Allie Eberhardt With The Success Of "Diamond Life", Was There Any Pressure Felt, Either With You Or With The Band, To Do Something Better? 0:07
40 Sade* I Think The Pressure Comes From ... 0:18
41 Allie Eberhardt Another Influence That Seems To Be In Your Music Is The Spanish Guitar. How Were You Thinking Of Incorporating That Music? 0:07
42 Sade* We All Went To Live In Spain... 0:40
43 Allie Eberhardt The Four Year Hiatus, Did You Feel Like You Needed A Break After "Stronger Than Pride" ? 0:05
44 Sade* After "Stronger Than Pride" ... 0:54
45 Allie Eberhardt What Was The Catalyst ... To Get Back Together Again And Say, "All Right, Let's Get In There And Plug Away One More Time Here" ? 0:08
46 Sade* It Just Sort Of Happens ... 0:07
47 Allie Eberhardt Did You Create Your Image Of Sade, This Sultry, Mysterious Woman? 0:07
48 Sade* I Don't Think ... 0:52
49 Allie Eberhardt It's Gotta Be Difficult To Keep On That Level (Under Exposed) Especially In This Business? 0:06
50 Sade* I Don't Think So... 0:26
51 Allie Eberhardt Would You Describe How You Came From Nigeria And Wound Up In London? 0:05
52 Sade* My Father's A Nigerian... 0:28
53 Allie Eberhardt When Was The Last Time You Went To Nigeria ? 0:04
54 Sade* I Went About ... 0:53
55 Allie Eberhardt Does Music From Elsewhere Reach Nigeria ? 0:05
56 Sade* Yeah, There's MTV In Nigeria ... 0:08
57 Allie Eberhardt And What About Their Own Cultural Music, Is It Strong ? 0:04
58 Sade* Yeah ... If You Go To ... 1:04
59 Allie Eberhardt Do You Remember The First Music You Listened To ? 0:04
60 Sade* When I Was Very Young ... 1:22
61 Allie Eberhardt Was There One Artist That You Really Had A Strong Interest In That ... Influenced? 0:06
62 Sade* Lots Of Artists ... 0:36
63 Allie Eberhardt How Did You Begin Singing ? 0:04
64 Sade* By Chance ... 3:13
65 Allie Eberhardt When ... You First Started Singing, Either With Pride Or When Sade First Formed, What Was The Music That Was Going On, Did You Feel Like You Were ... Out Of Place ? 0:11
66 Sade* I Think We Were ... 0:55
67 Allie Eberhardt The Creation Of "Diamond Life", How Did That Evolve ? 0:06
68 Sade* Well, We Were Given Some Studio Time ... 1:03
69 Allie Eberhardt How Did You Come Up With "Smooth Operator" ? 0:04
70 Sade* "Smooth Operator" Was ... 0:05
71 Allie Eberhardt On "Diamond Life" There Is A Cover Song (By) Timmy Thomas ("Why Can't We Live Together") ? ... 0:06
72 Sade* The Reason We Did ... 0:27
73 Allie Eberhardt What's Being On The Road With Sade Like ? 0:05
74 Sade* It's Not Easy ... 0:17
75 Allie Eberhardt Some Bands Look Forward To Just Going Into The Recording Studio And ... Making Their Record. Other Bands Live For The Live Performance. What About Sade ? 0:13
76 Sade* I Think When We Write ... 0:38
77 Allie Eberhardt Is There Any Way You Can Explain The Energy Of Performing To A Live Audience ? 0:05
78 Sade* Performing In Front Of ... 0:39
79 Allie Eberhardt Is Sade Touring For "Love Deluxe" ? 0:04
80 Sade* Yeah, We'll Definitely Tour ... 0:10
81 Allie Eberhardt Is There A Difference Between The American And European Audience? 0:05
82 Sade* Yeah, There's A Big Difference ... 0:27
83 Allie Eberhardt Any Specific Differences In The Audiences ? 0:05
84 Sade* Yeah, London Audiences ... 0:54
85 Allie Eberhardt Thank You. Thanks A Lot. 0:05

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