1 Time And The Hunter 21:23
2 Is Nature a Communist 05:33
3 Tiny pine cones are falling from branches of the Western Hemlock. A person is standing beneath it wearing a soft looking shirt. 09:46
4 Medulla Oblongata 06:18
5 The Meteorological Meter 06:58
6 The Peoples Polyrhythm 01:02
7 The plural center of the world 34:37
8 oikeiôsis 12:44
9 New Rite #3 06:12


This record spans a particular set of critical and emotional trajectories around music as an apparatus for engaging, sensing, and understanding the broader strokes of nature beyond our anthropocentric limitations. It is a set of trajectories that either began - or at least crucially crystalised - during a 3xmonth period I spend in the Amazon forest over 2007-2008 while listening, recording, researching and thinking about the intersections between sound, ecology, art, and the fundamental structures and construction of existential life.