Sanchez Band ‎– THE GREATEST X

Originalmoustachesoul ‎– 000001
CD, CD-ROM, Album, Stereo


1 All The Things 5:13
2 City Of Cherries 6:01
3 About Me 7:48
4 Ensanchetized 6:48
5 Gimme Love 4:19
6 Why Don't You 6:08
7 Fear Builds Walls 6:00
8 Morgy 4:09


A meltin' pot that revolves around the world of black music. Dilla beats, hip-hop, old school R&B, neo-soul, electronic and jazz digressions, these are the sounds that converge in Sanchez.

Sanchez project was born in the fall of 2013 by the union of three musicians: Mauro Laconi, Marco Cotza and Frank Stara. Since the beginning, they concetrate on the production of original songs, musically focused on finding a “black” sound and inspired by the productions of neo-soul, hip hop and modern jazz artists.

After a few months break, the three try to rehears steadily. Meanwhile, Matteo Sedda and Silvia Follesa join the group. Band's sound continues to evolve.

Sanchez officially debut on June 6, 2014.

The recording sessions take place in December 2014, along with an great professional as Enrico Sesselego (Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, etc.). An intense but effective full immersion. Enrico completes also the mixing of the disc, while the mastering is done by the Californian Kelly Hibbert (Flying Lotus, Wu Tang Clan, Madlib etc.).

The album, titled "# 1 - The Greatest X", has been released on August 6, 2015