Sangre De Muerdago ‎– Sangre De Muerdago



O Ceo Baixo Os Meus Pes 2:39
Vellos Caminos De Vellas Àrbores 4:53
Cara A Terras Lonxanas 3:17
Soños 3:23
Arrastrando As Cadeas 6:30
Onde As Almas Van A Morrer 6:14
Madeira De Teixo, Pedra De Castro 5:34
O Home Dos Cornos 2:24
Adeus Meus Amigos 5:42
Solpor 3:30
Hacia Tierras Lejanas 4:49


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April 14, 2013
edited over 8 years ago
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Sangre de Muerdago, originary from the unknown Gaelic Spain, the one still mystical, the hidden, the pagan, portrays the imperfect simplicity formed from a bucolic inspiration, an aural spirit that few in modernized Europe, out of touch with nature are able to catch. Music from adrift the woods, accompanied with the rays of a pale sun falling upon the leaves moved by soft winds, amidst the roads formed in between moss and the whisper of the stream.

This touching and contemplative pieces singed in Gaelic with a male voice that is both sweet and melancholic fits perfectly with the spanish guitar, cellos, flutes and eventual sounds of nature that serves as accompaniment. Why makes it so special? Id adventure to say that it is because they recur not to repeat the old formulas that have "defined" what Neofolk should be, instead use techniques from traditional Spanish guitar sometimes interplayed as a dual set with a background of cello.

Take for example "Cara terras lonxanas" where two guitars meet to create this intriguing web of natural enconpassed folk that is so remarkably familiar with the music from ancient hometowns. Dissimilar constructs like "Arrastrando as cadenas" will remit us to an almost Andinean song so full of mystic power that will greatly impress with its vitality and excellent craft.

The arrangements of guitar prefer to retain the imperfection and the purity of the moment captured and this grants an special effect over the whole work that is perhaps ritualistic, remitting the listener to this almost inmediacy of the moment, this highness of the instant delivered with the music.

Sangre de muerdago, captures an old spirit, familiar with old traditions buried in woods, forged in legends, forgotten beliefs and the archetypes of dreams.