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GUSA001CD Sasha Involver(CD, Album, Comp, Mixed) Global Underground (3) GUSA001CD UK 2004 Sell This Version
none Sasha Involver EP(CDr, EP, Promo, Smplr) Global Underground (3) none US 2004 Sell This Version
GUSA001VIN Sasha Involver(2x12") Global Underground (3) GUSA001VIN UK 2004 Sell This Version
GUSA001VINSP Sasha Involver(2x12", Spe) Global Underground (3) GUSA001VINSP UK 2004 Sell This Version
GUSA001 Sasha Involver(7xFile, MP3, 320) Global Underground (3) GUSA001 UK 2004
GUSA001DIG Sasha Involver(8xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Global Underground (3) GUSA001DIG UK 2004
GUSA001CDX Sasha Involver(CD, Album, Comp, Ltd, Mixed) Global Underground (3) GUSA001CDX UK 2004 Sell This Version
GUSA001CD Sasha Involver(CD, Album, Comp, Mixed) Global Underground (3) GUSA001CD UK 2004 Sell This Version
GUSA001CDSP Sasha Involver(CD, Album, Comp, Mixed + CD, Comp + S/Edition) Global Underground (3) GUSA001CDSP UK 2004 Sell This Version
GUSA001CDPR Sasha Involver(CD, Album, Comp, Mixed, Promo) Global Underground (3) GUSA001CDPR UK 2004 Sell This Version
GUSA001CD Sasha Involver(CD, Album, Comp, Mixed, Unofficial) Global Underground (2) GUSA001CD Russia 2004 Sell This Version
GUSA001CDRP Sasha Involver(CD, Comp, Mixed, Promo, Smplr) Global Underground (3) GUSA001CDRP UK 2004 Sell This Version
GUSA001CD Sasha Involver(CDr, Comp, Mixed, Promo) Global Underground (3) GUSA001CD UK 2004 Sell This Version
828272130184 Sasha Involver(9xFile, WAV) Global Underground (3) 828272130184 2017
none Sasha Involver(CDr, Album, Comp, Mixed, Promo) Global Underground (3) none UK Unknown Sell This Version


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January 16, 2019
referencing Involver, CD, Album, Comp, Mixed, GUSA001CD
Had this in the limited edition soft case gutted to have lost it.

The transition between Shpongle and Petter is 90 secs or so of absolute excellence.


October 8, 2018
edited 7 months ago
referencing Involver, CD, Album, Comp, Mixed, GUSA001CD

Referencing the previous comment: I actually, for the most part, did it the other way around for several years and slowly decreased the volume as it neared 9 but by now always let it play from start to finish. I get the transition from 8 to 9+10 (especially considering the rest in the Involver series). Sometimes I 'strictly' intend the first 8 but give in, lol. If you want a unified journey, to reflect and reaffirm your mood and want to stay in it, end at 8. If you want to process those feelings and end up with a serotonin boost, let if through.

On an another note, it's crazy how well it stands the test time and I don't think I enjoy it much less than in 2004. I'm sure I even listened to it twice this year. The things that always bugged ME however:
Let's address the Jules-vox mix in the room. In Belong, when the verse appears for the second time, after 8 bars, the vocals drop at least 50% in volume and stay. Surely a mis-sight but still.
The sound quality: a bit artifact-noisy and muffled but has its charm. Compare it to the promo mix, which sounds crystal clear next to the finished album.

For anyone who hasn't yet, listen to the intro part of the unmixed These Days. Simply put... eargasmic. Still a bit sad it wasn't incorporated into the final mix, but then again, it would've stopped the flow and where else would you put Talk Amongst Yourselves (a track I cannot get enough of - with its own excellent intro) and Dorset Perception if they weren't the first two...


June 22, 2018
edited 9 months ago
referencing Involver, CD, Album, Comp, Mixed + CD, Comp + S/Edition, GUSA001CDSP
After listening to this over the past almost 15 years, one thing always bothered me about it. It's such a phenomenal mix and tracks 1 to 8 are seamless yet tracks 9 and 10 (although they're great tunes) just seem like they're tacked on at the end because Sasha happened to enjoy them so much that he felt it necessary to include them. Now, when I listen to it; I usually turn it off at the end of track 8 because it makes it a more fulfilling and complete-sounding musical experience.


November 3, 2017
referencing Involver, CD, Album, Comp, Mixed, GUSA001CD

In my opinion, the last good thing he did, DJ mix/album/compilation wise. Guy J and Henry Saiz have been doing the sort of stuff I expected Sasha to be doing around now.


September 10, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
referencing Involver, CD, Album, Comp, Mixed, GUSA001CD
At this point, the 21st century has defined well-over half of Sasha's career, and is still best exemplified by this first Involver, one of his earliest releases in this era. Considering that the first few years of the 2000's were a huge slump for house and trance, Involver solidified itself as a shining beacon in the midst of mediocrity, albeit shy of perfection.

The implementation of a 'remix album' is particularly apt for Sasha, who holds roots deepest in the DJ/mixing family rather than in production - not to say that the latter is lacking, as shown here. Instead, it helps Sasha to really turn on the gears, because he has full control over the soundscape and its progression. Case in point: 'Dorset Perception' in its original incarnation, while nothing short of a spectacular track, makes absolutely no sense in this mix. Before I had first heard Involver, I recall scanning the tracklist and being concerned with this track's addition - at that time unaware that this is, in fact, a remix album. Sasha, with his DJ ears, is able to make out and create a remix that surprisingly works in the scope of its surrounding tracks. This also applies to the variety of vocal tracks from miscellaneous genres found in the mix. In most cases, an abundance of vocal tracks remixed independently, then randomly stitched together, would sound overbearing and not really what we typically come to Sasha and other similar DJ's for. It can teeter on pop-py (see Invol<3r), but Sasha's careful curation and remixing solidly avoids that, and the vocals remain unobstrusive and blend with the instruments.

Some clever mixing also occurs, such as in the mash-up/medley of 'These Days' and 'What Are You To Me?' or the sudden transitional drops from 'Smile' into 'Belong' and, subsequently, into 'In A State'.

The strongest portion of this release is in the triple threat of 'Belong', 'In A State' and 'Burma', which most clearly speak to one another at a mixing scope, transitioning easily from one to the next. As it so happens, they are also the best individual listens. His 'Belong' remix is my absolute favorite track from Sasha, and while I'm about to gush over it, please be aware that I think you should also listen to the full, single version, which runs at a blissful 12 minute duration - and mind you, with a proper soundsystem, because the deep, droning bass is incredible. That still applies for the track in this Involver-album context.

The juxtaposition of that deep, droning bass with the light and ethereal vocals is essentially what makes 'Belong' so wonderful. I wouldn't mind if the same riff repeated for the full duration, but the track is essentially split into 3 movements (or 4, if you were to listen to the single version), and each one takes its time introducing and exploring little details and timbres. It sort of personifies Sasha's sound at his best: wistful and longing, but very heartfelt and moving in both a literal and figurative sense. Unsurprisingly, the following two tracks follow suite, resulting in Sasha's best Involver/post-90's release.

Some criticisms remain. 'Smile' is probably the weakest track in the mix. While not nearly a bad track, it simply overstays its welcome and begins to become mind-numbing. Near the tail-end of the album, Sasha does what he almost always does; he performs an abrupt switch-up of genre and mood, which is heard transitioning from 'Burma' into 'Watching Cars Go By'. Is it successful? To this day, I'm still not sure. In actuality, I think this is one of his more successful executions of this trope in his mixes; I'm not so turned-off by it as I am in his other mixes, e.g. GU Ibiza or Northern Exposure. Ultimately, because it happens so close to the end rather than mid-way through, and these final two tracks are actually quite enjoyable, I don't mind - but it is nevertheless a funny feeling moving out of the high of 'Burma' into the street corner of the subsequent track.

In short, give this album a listen - it deserves it.

4.1/5 Stars


June 7, 2017
referencing Involver, 2x12", GUSA001VIN
Still the Best in the involver series so far. Sasha and his production team at their absolute best


November 9, 2016
referencing Involver, CD, Album, Comp, Mixed + CD, Comp + S/Edition, GUSA001CDSP

The packaging for the CDs must be one of the worst ever. Does Sasha hate this release?
Or only the people who invest in the limited editions?
The music is OK, but it doesn't really make me an over-all fan. Bits and pieces are indeed fantastic. 3/5


February 22, 2013
referencing Involver EP, CDr, EP, Promo, Smplr, none
Sasha's mix of Smile is really good. He takes it from electro, to dark bass, to breaks, to trance effortlessly. The vocal are haunting and somewhat freestyle miami, but still feel spot on for this track. A+


February 6, 2012
edited over 6 years ago
referencing Involver, CD, Album, Comp, Ltd, Mixed, GUSA001CDX
This is the wackiest CD packaging I have seen, but it's kind of cool. It does annoy me a bit cause it's nonstandard and it sticks out when I group it with my other CDs. At least you get tons of album art.