Sasha + John Digweed* ‎– Northern Exposure: Expeditions

This is the 3rd and last release of the Northern Exposure series.
The North American version of this release did not include the Disc 1 track 'Silence (Sanctuary Mix)' by Delerium.


Expedition 1
Breeder Tyrantanic (Breeder's Underexposed Mix) 9:16
Space Manoeuvres Stage One (Total Separation Mix) 8:09
Space Manoeuvres Stage One (Separation Mix)
Union Jack Morning Glory 4:26
Jayn Hanna Lost Without You (Edge Factor Dub) 8:09
Jayn Hanna Lost Without You (Edge Factor Journey)
The Light Expand The Room (Four Storeys High Mix) 7:28
Sasha Belfunk 7:55
Delerium Silence (Sanctuary Dub) 10:05
Delerium Silence (Sanctuary Mix)
Chris Raven I Know You Love Me Too! (Van Bellen Remix) 5:45
Blue Planet Corporation Micromega (Choo-Choo Remix) 4:19
Mono Culture Free (Extended Vocal Mix) 6:50
Expedition 2
Head Honcho Waters Of Jericho 8:48
Movement Perpetual* Sexuel Mouvement 4:09
Stef, Pako & Frederik Seaside Atmosphere 5:15
Der Dritte Raum Polarstern 7:51
Pure (2) Pure (Frictions Groove) 4:24
Red Devil Gamelan 5:08
RR Workshop Mess With Da Bull 5:54
Humate Love Stimulation (Oliver Lieb's Softmix) 4:24
Breeder Rockstone 6:22
Delta Lady Anything You Want (The Delta Belter Vocal Symphony) 8:04
Mike Koglin The Silence (Tekara Remix) 7:46

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Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
INC4CD Sasha + John Digweed* Northern Exposure: Expeditions(2xCD, Mixed) INCredible INC4CD UK 1999 Sell This Version
INC4LP Various Northern Exposure (Expeditions)(3xLP, Comp, Ltd, Unofficial) INCredible (4) INC4LP 1999 Sell This Version
INC4LP Various Northern Exposure - Expeditions(3x12", Comp, Ltd, Num) INCredible INC4LP UK 1999 Sell This Version
INC4CD Sasha + John Digweed* Northern Exposure: Expeditions(2xCD, Comp, Mixed) INCredible INC4CD Australia 1999 Sell This Version
UL 1040, UL 1040-2 Sasha + John Digweed* Northern Exposure: Expeditions(2xCD, Comp, Mixed, Unofficial) Ultra Records (16), Ultra Records (16) UL 1040, UL 1040-2 1999 Sell This Version
UL 1040, UL 1040-2 Sasha + John Digweed* Northern Exposure: Expeditions(2xCD, Mixed) Ultra Records, Ultra Records UL 1040, UL 1040-2 USA & Canada 1999 Sell This Version
494210 2 Sasha + John Digweed* Northern Exposure: Expeditions(2xCD, Mixed) INCredible 494210 2 UK 1999 Sell This Version
UL 1040, UL 1040-2 Sasha + John Digweed* Northern Exposure: Expeditions(2xCD, Mixed) Ultra Records, Ultra Records UL 1040, UL 1040-2 USA & Canada 1999 Sell This Version
none Sasha + John Digweed* Northern Exposure: Expeditions(2xCD, Mixed, Smplr) INCredible none UK 1999 Sell This Version
INC04MC Sasha + John Digweed* Northern Exposure: Expeditions(2xCass, Mixed) INCredible INC04MC UK 1999 Sell This Version


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February 5, 2021
referencing Northern Exposure - Expeditions, 3x12", Comp, Ltd, Num, INC4LP
Some notes:
Lost Without You, Silence, and Belfunk run at 133.3bpm, the same speed as the mix on CD. Lends credence to the "Pro Tools tracks slapped on vinyl" theory with Silence presented below.
Sexual Movement on here is drastically faster than on the original 12", it's sped up to 137bpm.
The Silence is the 6 minute UK edit, instead of the 8 minute version used on the CD.


June 23, 2020
edited 10 months ago
referencing Northern Exposure: Expeditions, 2xCD, Mixed, INC4CD
Just felt a bit darker, leaden and heavy handed in track selection and mixing. Never enjoyed this mix very much, more endured it - a progressive trance compilation that lacks the variety of the sublime Renaissance volume one and N E. Never felt any urgency to track down any of the tunes either. It just didn’t work for me. Remember being disappointed and I don’t think it’s aged that well. Thankfully Sasha’s global underground 013 was a return to form.


June 6, 2020
edited 11 months ago
referencing Northern Exposure: Expeditions, 2xCD, Mixed, INC4CD
Agreed with the reviewer below. This may forgoe the "arctic chill out" theme of NE1 that was also somewhat present on NE2, but in return you get a mix with a lot of variety and highlights. I think the fact that some tracks on this date as far back as 1993-1995 really goes to show what kind of ear they had for what still worked to a 1999 audience, despite the tracks being a few years old at that point.
This is a trance mix, through and through. Some may not like it for it's inclusion of tracks like Silence (before it became an established anthem), but I really find myself enjoying pretty much every track on this mix.
This is certainly not as thematically consistent as NE1, and may seem "dated" to some people, but I think others will see it as a tour de force of late 90s progressive trance. Oakenfold and Tiesto could only dream of making mixes this good.


January 28, 2019
referencing Northern Exposure: Expeditions, 2xCD, Mixed, INC4CD
The most esoteric listening experience from their Northern serries. End with this great expedition mix.

For me Expeditions is a dynamically balanced dance journey that takes you through the speed of sound !. The overwhelmed ecstasy.



September 30, 2018
referencing Northern Exposure: Expeditions, 2xCD, Mixed, Smplr, none

Who writes these reviews? They are comedy gold. LOL pfft


June 25, 2018
referencing Northern Exposure: Expeditions, 2xCD, Mixed, UL 1040, UL 1040-2
My promotional copy has a hole punched through the barcode. The Matrix / Runout is 33547/2 on Disc 1 and 33556/2 on Disc 2.


April 3, 2018
referencing Northern Exposure: Expeditions, 2xCD, Mixed, INC4CD
Yeah for me this is very weak for Sasha & JD but you have to put it in perspective. It's from 1999 and trance was the sound of the future. Their sound has always had a hypnotic, trancey vibe to it I find this too much. Apart from Belfunk by Sasha and the Enjoy the slience cover I can't even listen to the rest of it, it grates on me. Of it's time but let's be honest, dance music was back then, huge trancey hands in the air riffs and apart from a few standout tracks that have gone on to become classics, most of it was crap and throwaway. It's deposibility was part of it's attraction.
Compared to their other work this sounds lazy, rushed and of it's time, not classic, not timeless.


August 3, 2017
edited over 3 years ago
referencing Northern Exposure: Expeditions, 2xCD, Mixed, INC4CD

Whereas the previous two installations represent peaks of progressive mix history, this Northern Exposure hits a substantially flatter note. Mixed in '99, the track selection arguably suffered from the burgeoning popularity of progressive; plenty of the choices are, in retrospect, cheesy and dated. On CD1, this is particularly evident in 'Silence', whereas in CD2 with 'The Silence' (coincidental nomenclature, no?) - the latter of which has aged better, but nevertheless diminishes, as Tekara's remix is overly busy for what ought to be an elegant trance track. That being said, the highs in both mixes are significantly so, and thus Expeditions is worth a listen (and repeat listening).

CD1 starts off in a classically-Sasha manner; excellent and atmospheric. Actually, the intro, between the first two tracks, is quite arguably Sasha's strongest intro ever. The Kingdom Come mix of 'Tyrantanic', while a banger in its time and still enjoyable, borders on obnoxious and tiring after repeat listens, as experienced in the duo's Communicate mix-CD. The Underexposed mix, however, is a brilliant choice and is only made more brilliant with its excellent mixing and transition with the Stage One medley. Funnily, both the more-oft-played versions of these two tracks were extremely popular in their heyday, but these stripped-down versions have aged for the better, and showcase how Expeditions doesn't completely suffer from its crowd-pandering. At any rate, these two tracks offer a sonic journey through space opera, and are easily the best part of either CD.

Unfortunately for CD1, that's about all that's worth listening to. While Union Jack is one of my favorite producers from the 90's, 'Morning Glory' is an odd choice transitioning out of the intro, and its not a particularly memorable track. The mix picks up minor degrees in 'Expand The Room', but it's not strong enough, and the mix is already knee-deep in monotony, such that it gets lost in the soundscape. 'Belfunk' is an excellent production of Sasha's, but the tempo/BPM increase gives the track a tinny, unpleasant timbre and makes the track feel rushed, thereby ruining the experience. After that, it's the aforementioned dated 'Silence' accompanied by a list of forgettable tracks.

Diggers kicks off CD2 with the memorable and fabled 'Waters of Jericho' - yes, it's pretty much impossible to find this track anywhere else in its original incarnation, and that's unfortunate. Unlike Sasha, Digweed's intro doesn't taper into doldrums, cruising on a decently-pleasant ride with 'Sexuel Mouvement' and 'Seaside Atmosphere'. 'Pure (Frictions Groove)' is a massive tune that could still fill a floor today. That alongside 'Mess With Da Bull' represent the highlights of CD2. 'Mess With Da Bull' is similarly a banging track - shame that it, as an LP-only release, is also so difficult to hunt down. This transitions into Oliver Lieb's remix of 'Love Stimulation'. The Paul van Dyk remix is, depending on my mood, my favorite trance track of all time, but the Oliver Lieb version is also a great listen, and it fits more consistently with Digger's typical darker theme. The tail-end of CD2 is then forgettable, regrettably.

In short, CD1 has a superb high in its intro, but takes an immediate turn for the worse thereafter. CD2 is more consistent, with an overall stronger track selection, but Sasha and Digweed have spun far better both together and individually.

It's somewhat tough to rate this compilation, because there is a lot of mediocrity in the music, punctuated by great moments. If you were to skip tracks and listen to the highlights, I would probably rate the album around a 4.4-star mark. In its entirety, as it is:



November 18, 2016
referencing Northern Exposure - Expeditions, 3x12", Comp, Ltd, Num, INC4LP
Wicked triple pack and along with the GU series, Communicate and digweeds bedrock 3x12 release a sad reminder that progressive house/trance...dare i use that word? just isn't made like this anymore ;( Rockstone in particular was a bit of a rarity when it first came out, but a bit of a tricky one to cue up on this release...i dont know why? Sasha played quite a few of these in his NYE set @ Ally Pally 1998 and Digweed played a gamelan and stage one @ Homelands in 1999, just shows you the strength of these releases and how good an ear sasha and digweed have for good music.
My copy of this triple pack is signed by John Digweed, ive uploaded a photo of it! but...why they didn't release a triple/quadruple pack of NE 2 is beyond me instead of 2 double packs??? and they were released seven years after the cd release? wtf? Just for the record i think as an "album" this is better than NE2 but not surpassing be fair it'd have to be pretty special to top that ;)


February 12, 2013
edited over 8 years ago
referencing Northern Exposure - Expeditions, 3x12", Comp, Ltd, Num, INC4LP
One thing that has always frustrated me about this vinyl version of expeditions is that they decided to include the vocal versions of “Lost Without You” and “Silence” instead of the dub versions that are also used in Sasha & Digweed’s mix. Of course I understand that including the vocal versions makes more commercial sense, but both of these tracks were readily available to even the cursory record buyer in their vocal versions, whereas the Edge Factor dub of “Lost Without You” was only available on the initial DJ Promo double pack, and the Fade dubs of “Silence” were NEVER released in any format at all.

However despite not being the elusive dub, the version of Fade’s remix of “Silence” included here is in fact unique to this release.
A couple of years ago I had the immense good fortune to see Chris Fortier play an old school set at a small, intimate club here in Melbourne, Australia. At the end of the night Chris was gracious enough to talk with me about their remixing of Delerium, and it was during this conversation that he told me that the version included here was different.
To be honest I had never listened to this particular pressing, as at the time of purchase I already owned the Nettwerk 12” of “Silence” but following my interaction with Chris I gave this one a spin, and it is indeed subtly different to the version that saw commercial release. The basic structure is the same but various elements come in at different times, the most noticeable difference being that the kick drum continues right to the end of the track. The pressing of the track is pitched up by around +2.0 compared to the Nettwerk version. Chris said they never played with the tempo and that this version is faster only because they probably used the exact file from their NE mix session in protools that was sped up to fit into the mix, and didnt adjust it back down
The remix went through a number of revisions leading up to the final mix and apparently this version was a ‘work in progress’ that they had given to Digweed, along with the dub, as an early demo.