Savage Man Savage Beast ‎– The Stiffs Are Looking Lively

Rottenpyosis Records ‎– ROTTEN 005
CD, Compilation


“The Strength Of Street Knowledge” Demo
1 In Every Scheme There Is A Team
2 Carry A Knife
3 Cunty Baws
4 Aquinium
5 Sarin The Mosh Pit
6 Pish Blood
7 World Of Ployard Menuedist
8 Tonik
9 What Is Mental
“Mental Fucking Murder” Demo
10 Grind Core Exorcismo Skunk Core Holocausto
11 Mental Murder
12 Glassed In The Face
“Summer Skank” Exclusive Tracks From The Split With Blue Holocaust And Microphallus
13 She Meet Her Fate In A Cold Night
14 Wheelclamper At The Paralympics
15 Cans Of Soden
16 Macrobiotic Sex Dwarf
17 Shit Stains On White Socks Leading To Ecstasy
18 Grating Head Cheese
19 Fishook Fellatio
20 Experimental Braille Reading
21 Love Piss Ritualism
22 Triple Cripple
23 The Seduction Of Deirdrie Rachid
24 War Bastard
“Shite Club” Demo
25 Booger
26 The Say She Died... But There Was No Funeral
27 Fill It With Your Own Feculence
28 Bruppas Aucropsy
29 All My Little Pigs
30 The Very Curle Mr. Clementine
31 When Cannibals Attack
32 Fe-fo-fi-fum
33 Mondo Cane
34 I'm The Spazz
35 Fishman Holeman
36 Gummo Is Me
“Subsonic Whirlwinds... Earthquakes In Your Brain” Demo
37 Bite The Kerb Disko
38 Breaking Your Jaw
39 Machinegunning The Faeries
40 Crazy Like A Fuck
41 Cryptosexual Ungan
42 Drip-fed Kerosene
43 Drowned Boyband
44 Gutted Beauty
45 High On Bostik
46 Nausick Arousal
47 Pornazi Girls
48 666... The Devil
49 Tears Of The Big Virgin
50 Street Trash
51 Africa Addio
52 Frightmare Funeral (Final Mix)
53 The Say She Died... But There Was No Funeral
54 Bloody Aftermath
55 He Keeps Them Alive
56 Beware The Masters Of Death
57 Trapped In New Mexico
Various Unreleased Tracks
58 Disgorged
59 Creeper
60 Mental On Buck Fast
61 Open The Coffin
62 Putrefucker
63 The Smiling Bicycle Of Amsterdam
64 Vulvanarchy


Discography CD
Artwork by Pierre / BrainDead webzine / Blue Holocaust


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January 21, 2017
Hello, thanks for uploading this, but it's Lobo Ramirez from Brazil did all artworks, thank you !!!