Saxon ‎– Eagles And Dragons

Demon Records ‎– SAXONBOX01
9 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered


Solid Ball Of Rock
A1 Solid Ball Of Rock
A2 Altar Of The Gods
A3 Requiem (We Will Remember)
A4 Lights In The Sky
A5 I Just Can't Get Enough
B1 Baptism Of Fire
B2 Ain't Gonna Take It
B3 I'm On Fire
B4 Overture In B-Minor / Refugee
B5 Bavarian Beaver
B6 Crash Dive
Forever Free
A1 Forever Free
A2 Hole In The Sky
A3 Just Wanna Make Love To You
A4 Get Down And Dirty
A5 Iron Wheels
B1 One Step Away
B2 Can't Stop Rockin'
B3 Nighthunter
B4 Grind
B5 Cloud Nine
Dogs Of War
A1 Dogs Of War
A2 Burning Wheels
A3 Don't Worry
A4 Big Twin Rolling (Coming Home)
A5 Hold On
B1 The Great White Buffalo
B2 Demolition Alley
B3 Walking Through Tokyo
B4 Give It All Away
B5 Yesterday's Gone
Unleash The Beast
A1 Gothic Dreams
A2 Unleash The Beast
A3 Terminal Velocity
A4 Circle Of Light
A5 The Thin Red Line
A6 Ministry Of Fools
B1 The Preacher
B2 Bloodletter
B3 Cut Out The Disease
B4 Absent Friends
B5 All Hell Breaking Loose
A1 Intro
A2 Metalhead
A3 Are We Travellers In Time
A4 Conquistador
A5 What Goes Around
A6 Song Of Evil
B1 All Guns Blazing
B2 Prisoner
B3 Piss Off
B4 Watching You
B5 Sea Of Life
Killing Ground
A1 Intro
A2 Killing Ground
A3 Court Of The Crimson King
A4 Coming Home
A5 Until Hell Freezes Over
A6 Dragon's Lair
B1 You Don't Know What You've Got
B2 Deeds Of Glory
B3 Running For The Border
B4 Shadows On The Wall
B5 Rock Is Our Life
A1 Witchfinder General
A2 Man And Machine
A3 The Return
A4 Lionheart
A5 Beyond The Grave
A6 Justice
B1 To Live By The Sword
B2 Jack Tars
B3 English Man O'War
B4 Searching For Atlantis
B5 Flying On The Edge
The Inner Sanctum
A1 State Of Grace
A2 Need For Speed
A3 Let Me Feel Your Power
A4 Red Star Falling
A5 I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)
B1 If I Was You
B2 Going Nowhere Fast
B3 Ashes To Ashes
B4 Empire Rising
B5 Attila The Hun
Into The Labyrinth
A1 Battalions Of Steel
A2 Live To Rock
A3 Demon Sweeney Todd
A4 The Letter
A5 Valley Of The Kings
A6 Slow Lane Blues
B1 Crime Of Passion
B2 Premonition In D Minor
B3 Voice
B4 Protect Yourselves
B5 Hellcat
B6 Come Rock Of Ages (The Circle Is Complete)
B7 Coming Home [bottleneck version]


All nine studio albums from 1990 to 2009 on 180 gram vinyl Inner sleeve feature lyrics.

Albums 1-3 issued under licence from Angel Air Ltd / Peter Byford.
Albums 4-9 issued under licence from Peter Byford / Saxon
This compilation ℗ 2016 Peter Byford / Saxon. © 2016 Demon Music Group Ltd

Hand numbered and limited
Manufactured in the E.U.

The spelling on a few song titles differs from when the album first was released.
Dragon's Lair - originally titled Dragons Lair, probably due to a misspelling.
English Man O'War - originally titled English Man´o`war
If I Was You - originally titled If I Was You (Album Version), probably to avoid confusion with If I Was You (Single Version) which has a very different approach and musical style.
Attila The Hun - originally titled Atila The Hun, probably due to a misspelling.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 5 014797 894501


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September 27, 2017

Does anyone know the limitation? mine is 1508, Demon's website doesn't say antyhing.


March 23, 2017
Such a fantastic boxset! Mine came with beautiful framed artwork signed by Biff Byford and the Paul Gregory. I really enjoy this set and also the price is ridicilous good!!!!


October 6, 2016
edited about 1 year ago

Vinyl madness! Sadly not coloured, they've been putting out all albums of this collection in coloured versions, maybe I'm gonna buy those and sell the others...


June 6, 2016
hey madvinylbringer thank you for reading my review, sorry i left the artwork issues out, i know this is crazy but any day now from demon records i am getting ALL 9 SAXON TITLES AGAIN, they just released them about 10 days ago AGAIN this time on COLOR VINYL. i will certainly look foward to spreading the world here on discogs regarding them, if in doubt go to demons site you will see them, they came out on 5/25.............keep rockin


June 3, 2016
edited about 1 year ago
Hey mate, awesome writing....just wanted to add that nobody should consider the NOTVD versions better as these, even if they include some "bonus" stuff (sticker-sheet, slipmat), cos these here released in the box by Demon records are actually better ones & I'll tell you why: Unleashed the Beast's cover depicts the 100% original 1997 CD cover (finally!), which is destinctive by the very specific Saxon logo the band was using through the mid to end '90s. The Notvd version, on the other hand, is using the 2000's reissue cover with regular logo (not '90s logo). It's a little difference for a common man, but if you're a true hard-core Saxon fanatic you'll notice this immediately. Also the title on Notvd version is written with the different font than on the original 1997 release, which Demon Records also got it sorted out. So the Demon records version is THE authentic faithful reproduction of the album released in 1997. And then in case of Metalhead, this album's original beautiful blue "sphynx" cover finally got immortalized on a proper vinyl sleeve now!!! Which was not the case on Notvd version, where the sphynx-cover came only on inner-sleeve, which was inserted inside a, though inventive, but pretty unsolid outter sleeve that was somewhat of a foldout in silver & had only logo on front. So, go ahead with full force Crusaders & grab this amazing box-set, for these versions are THE shit & forget the non-authentic looking, unreasonably limited (for a massive band as Saxon) & over-the-top expensive Notvd versions!!!! Congratulations to Demon Records, Cheers!


April 22, 2016
i to have the print with my set and i got mine on a pre order from the label demon records and it comes with a beautiful print signed by biff as stated below, this is a beautiful box set that captures saxons post 80s success starting with the solid ball of rock lp in 1991 and goes through into the labyrinth in 2009, all 9 lps come with beautiful inner sleeves and they are all pressed on 180 g wax and the box is very strong and the artwork flawless, i have some rare saxon color vinyl releases of lps like dogs of war, unleash the beast, metalhead and killing ground but they where released a bit less then a decade ago on a small label from italy and there where only 333 copies of those pressed so they are nicer then the ones in this box but im sure each title goes for well over 100 usd as i have been told, i was lucky enough to know someone back then that dealt with the label in italy so i got mine, anyway if you are a vinyl person and as big or half as big a saxon fan as i then GET THIS BOX SET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TREAT YOURSELF, AGAIN VERY WELL MADE, NO CHEAP CORNER CUTTING AND YOU REALLY GET YOUR BANG FOR YOUR BUCK HERE, now if only we can get the eagle has landed part 2 (1996) and the eagle has landed part 3 (2006) on vinyl my life would be perfect.....................saxons biggest fan here since 1981


March 29, 2016
edited about 1 year ago
The 500 pieces edition is only available from the Bands website and includes a signed print by Biff.