Scab / V.M.S. ‎– Raped Music - Split Tape 94

Pintakosketus Tapes ‎– 004
Cassette, Single Sided


"Bad Smell Blurs"
A1 Scab Untitled
"Endless V. M. S."
A2 V.M.S. The End
A3 V.M.S. Jesus Is Dead
A4 V.M.S. That Shit
A5 V.M.S. Noise Live
A6 V.M.S. Noise Never Lie
A7 V.M.S. Noise Pistols
A8 V.M.S. Iron V. M. S.
A9 V.M.S. I Believe In V. M. S.
A10 V.M.S. Swallow V. M. S.
A11 V.M.S. Oh Oh I Love V. M. S. So!!!
A12 V.M.S. Tired Music
A13 V.M.S. Raped Music
A14 V.M.S. No More
A15 V.M.S. 007
A16 V.M.S. God Save The V. M. S.
A17 V.M.S. Pretty Raped Music
A18 V.M.S. Rectum Is My God
A19 V.M.S. Daytime Dilemm (Dangers Of V. M. S.)
A20 V.M.S. The Good, The Bad, The V. M. S.
A21 V.M.S. The V. M. S. Took My Baby Away
A22 V.M.S. Läskiperse
A23 V.M.S. V. M. S. Put something In My Drink
A24 V.M.S. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The V. M. S.
A25 V.M.S. Under A Golden V. M. S.
A26 V.M.S. The V. M. S. No Longer Rises
A27 V.M.S. V. M. S. Never Die
A28 V.M.S. V. M. S. Never Die (Part II)

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