Scatterbrain (2) ‎– Infernal Angel

Digital Psionics ‎– DPSI 007
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1 Mexican Jesus 7:24
2 Wool Gathering 7:25
3 Bedlam 8:30
4 Infernal Angels 8:17
5 Mental Vortex 7:31
6 Hex 6:23
7 Possessed 7:02
8 Scattergram 7:13
9 Pass The Buck 6:54
10 Power Of Inner Strength 6:50

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Written and produced by Adam Walters, Australia.
Mastered at Nomad Digital.
Total time: 73:33

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  • Matrix / Runout: AAV REGENCY 57549


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October 26, 2018
Psychedelic to the very core. 14 years past and even now when i play the album it brings that wicked smile on listeners face.
Pure mischief and wickedness. Totally stands the test of time.
Psychedelic masterpiece.


June 1, 2015

A sparkle of light in the Dawn of a Era!
Simply beautiful!


September 25, 2008

Adam Walters . . . a gifted sound scientist who can channel & create other dimentions with sounds . . . that is a very special gift & a powerfull album.

It give a lot of inner strenght & will to survive in this world.
To be independent on all levels of our lives.
To explore our consciousness in different mind-views.
To be aware of the infinite possibility's of creativity.
The inseparable symbiosis of duality.
Breaking & over-passing imposed limits.
Exploring the architecture of the soul.

See you on the other side Scatt


October 12, 2004
edited over 14 years ago

Make no mistake about it – One of the best albums of 2003!

Beautifully crafted by crazy ass Aussie Adam Walters, here’s one of the best artist albums of 2003. Hands down! This gem surfaced back in August 2003 amidst small attention. Well, at least with me. I completely missed it the first time around, but now it’s back with a vengeance!

I don’t know if the word Scatterbrain refers to the sci-fi author Larry Niven who’s known to have “scatterbrained” most of his stories. Or could it be a spoof of the Radiohead track? I don’t know – what I do know is that this is one heck of an album. Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: This was the first track I heard from the album in the autumn of 2003, and I was completely awestruck back then – and I still am… A psy track that focussed mainly on voice-samples. In fact, half of the track is a guy talking about drugs. Smells like cheddar? Well, you’re wrong. This track is amazing – the long bits of dialog carries the track to a higher level, and this baby will stay with you for a long time!

This is a story track. About a guy blown away on ayahuasca who meets the Mexican Jesus, butt naked in the middle of the Yellowstone National Park. Here’s a transcript of some of the lyrics:

”Genetic material getting changed before your eyes. Man, people think they know about drugs, but... That ain't a drug, it's a sacrament. It's just a portal to another world. It's realities that are always there. A key to other dimensions […] That we live with them all the time. Thankfully our awareness never touches... […] How would I describe it? Terrifying. Enlightening. But utterly terrifying. You swear you'll never go back. Ever. And the next thing you know, you're taking it again. You're going down that tunnel.”

Yes, I keep going down that tunnel again… I can’t stop listening to this track. It’s just so damn hypnotizing! I love it! [For a full transcript, check Psychedelic Mind Expander – I’ve submitted the full lyrics there!]

#02: Scatterbrain gives humour pride of place, and this track is a good example. It starts with a funny sample of an answering machine, and then blasts into a full-on psychedelic mayhem without any warning. Homer Simpson is there with his just question “Where’s the any key?”… Packed with funny samples, sprinkled on top of powerful bass lines, tweeps, bleeps and random insanity – I dare anyone to sit still to this piece.

#03: More spaghetti Mr. Anderson? If all bedlams are like this, I wanna be compulsorily detained right now! This is another acid-driven full on stomper, packed with well-chosen samples showcasing just how much talent comes out of Australia. There must be something in their water supply!? “I’m not crazy… I’m not crazy… I’m not crazy…”… Riiiiiight… This IS crazy, but in the best of ways! Wonderful track!

#04: The title track has more melodies than the majority of the album. Don’t worry; the insanity is still very much present here. This is a very organic sounding track, emphasizing a darker, deeper side of Scatterbrain. A heavy, pumping bass line, underneath melodic synths seasoned with the very distinctive Scatterbrain acid twirls. How can you go wrong with that cocktail? Beautiful track!

#05: “I am the god of hell fire, and I bring you….” …this mental whirlpool of aciiiiiid! Shrek is here… A police radio too…And sirens! Typical Scatterbrain – all kinds of crazy, demented stuff is thrown in, in just the right quantity. Full on Aussie madness! Another magical track!

#06: Hex this! This kinda starts out like a boring, homogeneous euro-dance track… Well, the singing bit at least… But only for a short while…And only if you ignore the bass… But then we are treated to some 303’s, more psychedelia and notable lack of voice samples… What gives? This track is kinda boring compared to the majority… But they can’t all be killers, right? Average track.

#07: Back on track again, with Possessed… Again, focus is on melodies and we’re on the lighter side of the mood scale, despite the evil samples… We even hear Darth Vader here “I find you lack of faith disturbing” + “If you only knew the power of the dark side”… Ha ha – this must be a piss take on some of the pre-2000 stuff that used these samples… As in most of the tracks, the very distinctive acid twirls are very much present here – The Scatterbrain trademark. I really like that… This track is good!

#08: Full on from the get-go, this gem quickly launches into more mental institution references, with the classic One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest sample “If that's what's being crazy is, then I'm senseless, out of it, gone-down-the-road, wacko” spoken by mr. cool: Jack Nicholson…And there are loads more samples from that great movie in this track… This is a fast paced, acid-driven, no questions asked, neo full-on track! So simple, so magical! Play this one loud! Great track!

#09: Aaargh, there’s a short melody that really annoys me in the beginning of this track! Fortunately it buggers off soon enough… Another fast paced, hard hitting track. The kick drums are almost comical in some places, but generally they work. Huge melodic parts in the middle, brutally erupted by the notorious acid-madness… And remember, government is not the solution to our problem – government IS the problem! Damn, this is good! I’ll hog this buck! Cool track!

#10: So you’re expecting a mellowed out chill-track to digest the madness of Scatterbrain? Hah, I laugh at your request… No way, the madness continues… Though this is an atmospheric track… Very sharp, picking acid lines, that hits you hard… It’s deeply intoxicating, taking you to far away places. Smashing track!

Holy crap, what a ride… In the sampling-spirit of Scatterbrain, let me quote The Grateful Death: “What a long, strange trip it’s been”… But a truly amazing trip. The promotional text states that; “This is liquid trance genesis of a new order. Surfing the silicon waves of a sonic freedom. Saltwater engineered sound, full cream digital milk genetically enhanced organic grade audio.” I couldn’t have put it better… This is pure beauty… This is the shiznit! This is a HUGE album… A must for any trance aficionado. Believe me, you NEED to own this! Go get it right away!


Favorites: 1(!!!), 2, 3, 8, 9, 10