School Of The Gifted ‎– Se7en II: WuMinati 0 - The 7th World Order

Black Stone Of Mecca ‎– BSOM 772
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EP Trilogy vol 2 of Se7en.

Most comics bring the story of a superhero with superpowers fighting the evil forces out there. But sometimes one superhero isn't enough to get rid of all the Negative Forces this (and other) world(s) have to offer so an alliance or a pact between powerful men comes to be: the X-Men, the Marvel Family or the Avengers come to mind to name just a few ...
So, with our beloved and treasured art form Hip Hop being molested by The Business Men with only the mighty Dollar on their mind ... is it really a wonder somewhere deep down underground some cats from all sides (East, South and West part of America stretching internationally to Europe) joined forces to bring Hip Hop back where it once belonged? And should it really be a surprise those cats emerged out of the immense Wu Family? Following or rather borrowing a similar concept as the marvel comic "Illuminati ", the project is structured around these MCs from different locations, affiliations and clicks working secretly together under different personas to maintain or save an art form lost in hip-hop while keeping that Wu tradition.

"School Of The Gifted aka Wuminati", features Napoleon (Wu-Syndicate) as Kingpin wit Da Inkpen, Solomon Childs (Theodore Unit) as Red Heroin, Dexter Wiggles ( West Coast Killa Bee camp) as The brown Dracula, and and UK's Shaka Amazulu the 7th as the Black Stone of Mecca as the driving force behind this whole project, The project also houses a hidden member by the name of Al-Hajar-Ul-Aswad.