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1061435STU Scooter The Big Mash Up(2xCD, Album) Sheffield Tunes 1061435STU Germany 2011 Sell This Version
4250117614775 Scooter The Big Mash Up (Beatport Edition)(15xFile, MP3, Album, 320) Sheffield Tunes 4250117614775 Germany 2011
425011 7614355 Scooter The Big Mash Up(17xFile, WAV, Album) Sheffield Tunes 425011 7614355 Germany 2011
5052498-9821-2-7 Scooter The Big Mash Up(2xCD, Album) Sheffield Tunes, Kontor Records 5052498-9821-2-7 Denmark 2011 Sell This Version
278 914 0 Scooter The Big Mash Up(2xCD, Album) Magic Records 278 914 0 Poland 2011 Sell This Version
5052498-9822-2-6 Scooter The Big Mash Up(2xCD, Album + DVD-V, PAL) WEA, Warner Dance Labels 5052498-9822-2-6 Scandinavia 2011 Sell This Version
1061437STU Scooter The Big Mash Up(2xCD, Album + DVD-V, PAL + Box, Ltd, Car) Sheffield Tunes 1061437STU Germany 2011 Sell This Version
1061436STU Scooter The Big Mash Up(2xCD, Album, Ltd, P/Mixed + DVD-V, PAL) Sheffield Tunes 1061436STU Germany 2011 Sell This Version
EA72557 Scooter The Big Mash Up(2xCD, Album, P/Mixed + DVD-V, PAL + S/Edition) Sheffield Tunes, EQ Music EA72557 Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong 2011 Sell This Version
1061435STU, 1061436STU Scooter The Big Mash Up(CD, Album, Unofficial) Sheffield Tunes (2), Sheffield Tunes (2) 1061435STU, 1061436STU Russia 2011 Sell This Version
AB-04466 Scooter The Big Mash Up(CD, Album, Unofficial) Art Optimum AB-04466 Russia 2011 Sell This Version
GL10742 Scooter The Big Mash Up(CD, Album, Dig) Gala Records (5) GL10742 Russia 2012 Sell This Version
1063418STU Scooter The Big Mash Up(CD, Album + CD, Comp + Ltd, RM) Sheffield Tunes, Kontor Records 1063418STU Germany 2013 Sell This Version


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August 14, 2015
referencing The Big Mash Up, 2xCD, Album, 1061435STU
No words, but i like "8:15 To Nowhere" & "Mashuaia" tracks...


September 20, 2013
referencing The Big Mash Up, 2xCD, Album, 1061435STU

This is for me the less interesting Scooter Album, neverthless its enjoyable, with nice tunes and good to dance. My favourite tracks are: "C´est bleu", "summer dream" and "Mashuaia"


October 1, 2012
edited over 6 years ago
referencing The Big Mash Up, 2xCD, Album, 1061435STU

If you want some of the most stinkiest, foul, rotten turds in the industry of music. Look no further: 100% Genuine shit.


October 27, 2011
edited over 7 years ago
referencing The Big Mash Up, 2xCD, Album + DVD-V, PAL + Box, Ltd, Car, 1061437STU
this is their worst album so far...
they seem always to follow the actual trend of music...
that's not like them...
they had their own style! what the hell happened???
if i would collect all scooter items, this would be the point where i stop!
i can't understand the people buying their copies, when they haven't even listened to this... they actually don't know which crap they bought...
i'm really sorry for them, they should get-a-life!
anyway, they seem being already too old for making electronic music...
i honestly would be much prouder if they say, "we quit"...
at least i won't be let down by them every year with every single/album they make...
earlier that was one of my favourite groups!
but now, it's just another group of 3 Justin Biebers...
(see "The Only One" videoclip: H.P. in pink P-jamas??? i mean, c'mon... where's the hardness?? it won't appear in dubstep)
by the way: it's on market for about 10 days.... 4 are already to sell... and that's just discogs... WHAT ARE YOU DOING, SCOOTER?!


October 21, 2011
referencing The Big Mash Up, 2xCD, Album + DVD-V, PAL + Box, Ltd, Car, 1061437STU

It seems that the crappy jumpstyle era is (hopefully) finally over and Scooter have moved forward (although the album contains couple of jumpstyle tracks). If it is the right direction, depends on the taste of the listeners. Previous reviewer wrote - this isn't Scooter. Oh yes, this IS Scooter. Scooter always stole (sorry, borrowed) songs, themes, lyrics, and styles. They didn't come up with anything original, except for the very first album (and a few exceptional tracks). This new album is at least something new, comparing to the previous three or four albums of Scooter. Not original, not amazing, not earthshaking, but good. At least you don't have a feeling that you have been listening the same song for the last hour like when listening to previous two albums, all songs in the same stupid jumpstyle. That's all to this one...


October 20, 2011
edited over 7 years ago
referencing The Big Mash Up, 2xCD, Album + DVD-V, PAL + Box, Ltd, Car, 1061437STU

Starting with the rating. 1/5. I've been watching Scooter since their beginning and i believe that i can see the whole picture when it comes to a release not only from Scooter, but in general. I'm not a fun of house, electro and stuff like that. And this album is full off this. You want to experiment with the styles? Try firstly with some cd singles, see how the world corresponds and then go for it. This album hit me like a hummer in the head, but in a very negative way. I only liked three songs. Friends turbo, Summer dreams (loved it) and C'est bleu with the Greek legend Vicky Leandros (loved it more and by the way is a reprise not a cover song).

The other songs imo are pure cd fillers. No imagination, soft melodies, not even jumpstyle if we wanna stick to the last 2 albums. Ok, we cannot recall the past songs because time is passing by, the music is changing etc, but for God sake, even for example The night was more "hard" than the majority of the songs in this one. The whole idea seems not to work at all. Having heard all the songs, i saw that they didn't have a build up to wait, no surprises throughout the songs, some annoying noises (these weren't sounds) in David doesn't eat and Beyond the invisible. Also the breakbeat style doesn't work at all. Compare it with Frequent traveller and We are the greatest and you will find out what i mean. This isn't trance, this isn't Scooter. This combination of styles will only work for those who are curious and to those that cannot admit a bad moment in the discography of a band. Excuse me, but i've been listening to hardcore-rave-trance music since i was a kid and i know when a release is worthy.

And something else. The Scooter's anthology, the idea of remixing all the singles is something that should have been done earlier, because in a bad album like this one, seems like a way of attracting buyers and nothing more.

I will buy this album for collection reasons AND only if i find it cheap enough.


October 20, 2011
referencing The Big Mash Up, 2xCD, Album + DVD-V, PAL + Box, Ltd, Car, 1061437STU
Well, what can I say about it in general? After two long years (with some nice live CD, but that's not what I was really waiting for) I expected something that was going to blow my head up. And it did actually, but in very negative way.

I got more and more annoyed with each and every track, at least till "The Only One" that I knew very well and I think it was one of the best singles in Scooter history. But that was not enough for me. I even thought of their (in my opinion) weekest production called "Jumping All Over The World" (especially the first half of this album), and said to myself that nothing can be worse than that silly and really cheesy jumpstyle stuff like "how do u do...". And suddenly I was hit by a hammer called "Summer Dream" - "lalalalalalalala"! That was something I couldn't stand anymore! I got to my CD player and threw this piece of... music thru my window. Unfortunately, the window was closed, so I've decided to listen to the track no. 15 and I put this album in the depth of my closet.

Six deadly sins of this album:
1. This kind of electro-refreshment wasn't really a good idea. Poor intro gave me some bad feelings about the rest of it and I was right.
2. Not enough of pure trance (have you even heard it somewhere?).
3. The single track was one of the best among others. Usually the rest was good, better and even the best.
4. House music needs to be catchy to be good. This one here is not.
5. There is no build-up in those track that makes you waiting for the rest of it. No surprises, just nothing. Like playing cards and seeing other players hands. Or like sex with some hot female who got orgasm before you even touched her.
6. There is some mixture of genres, that might be interesting for those who are curious, but it didn't work well. As for two long years that is not even the least we should get.

The only thing I hope for is that in two, maybe three years I will have the same feelings about this album, then I'll know for sure that it was just some kind of joke on us and will never happen again. I don't even want to imagine if I ever call this stuff good... Maybe one day I'll change my mind but for now it goes along with my awaiting - too much of it and great disappointment as well.