Scot Jenerik ‎– Soundtrack For The Dead: Mayflies Falling Wounded Where Echoes Were Wailing Destruction

Mobilization Records ‎– SJ95
CD, Limited edition handcrafted wooden box with glass, dirt, text and CD


1 Mayflies: Chapter 1 2:55
2 Mayflies: Chapter 2 1:54
3 Mayflies: Chapter 3 1:21
4 Mayflies: Chapter 4 1:35
5 Mayflies: Chapter 5 2:07
6 Mayflies: Chapter 6 1:39
7 Mayflies: Chapter 7 1:57
8 Mayflies: Chapter 8 3:42
9 Mayflies: Chapter 9 1:56
10 Mayflies: Chapter 10 4:31
11 Mayflies: Chapter 11 7:11
12 Mayflies: Chapter 12 3:00



Text: © 1995 Scot Jenerik
Vocal Recordings: 1996 at Carvaka
Sound Recording: 2007 at Mobilization
Mastered: 2014 by Thomas Dimuzio at Gench Music
Release: © 05/23/2014 Scot Jenerik

There will be a limited edition of 5 handcrafted wooden boxes, with glass, dirt, a scroll(s) of the text and CD. I am accepting preorders for constructing additional boxes. The deadline for such is July 14, 2014. Preorder by purchasing at in the Merch section.

Mayflies was a project that seemed doomed to never be finished. Life, other projects and the lost (deleted) recording of Chapter 9, relegated Mayflies into the abyss. The original DAT vocal recording could not be found. Attempts at reconstructing Chapter 9 were not of quality. After moving from San Francisco to Portland, an old box of DATs materialized and the long lost source recording emerged. Reconstruction complete, the project now moves toward the light. Or in this case the dark.

This is one of the more psychedelic works I’ve done. As it is a 35 minute story. I recommend listening on headphones while laying in the dark.

Thank you Tika