Sentenced ‎– Coffin - The Complete Discography

Century Media ‎– 9977660
16 × CD
2 × DVD
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition


When Death Joins Us (Demo)
CD1-1 Hallucinations
CD1-2 When Death Joins Us
CD1-3 Shadows Of The Past
CD1-4 Obscurity...
CD1-5 Desperationed Future
Rotting Ways To Misery (Demo)
CD2-1 Rotting Ways To Misery
CD2-2 Disengagement
CD2-3 Suffocated Beginning Of Life
CD2-4 Under The Suffer
CD2-5 Descending Curtain Of Death
CD2-6 The Truth
Shadows Of The Past
CD3-1 When The Moment Of Death Arrives
CD3-2 Rot To Dead
CD3-3 Disengagement
CD3-4 Rotting Ways To Misery
CD3-5 The Truth
CD3-6 Suffocated Beginning Of Life
CD3-7 Beyond The Distant Valleys
CD3-8 Under The Suffer
CD3-9 Descending Curtain Of Death
Journey To Pohjola (Demo)
CD4-1 Wings
CD4-2 In Memoriam
CD4-3 Mythic Silence (As They Wander In The Mist)
North From Here
CD5-1 My Sky Is Darken Than Thine
CD5-2 Wings
CD5-3 Fields Of Blood; Harvest Of Hate
CD5-4 Capture Of Fire
CD5-5 Awaiting The Winter Frost
CD5-6 Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
CD5-7 Northern Lights
CD5-8 Epic
The Trooper
CD6-1 The Trooper
CD6-2 Desert By Night
CD6-3 In Memoriam
CD6-4 Awaiting The Winter Frost
CD7-1 The War Ain't Over!
CD7-2 Phenix
CD7-3 New Age Messiah
CD7-4 Forever Lost
CD7-5 Funeral Spring
CD7-6 Nepenthe
CD7-7 Dance On The Graves (Lil' Siztah)
CD7-8 Moon Magick
CD7-9 The Golden Stream Of Lapland
Love & Death
CD8-1 The Way I Wanna Fo
CD8-2 Obsession
CD8-3 Dreamlands
CD8-4 White Wedding
CD8-5 Love And Death
CD9-1 Intro - The Gate
CD9-2 Noose
CD9-3 Shadegrown
CD9-4 Bleed
CD9-5 Keep My Grave Open
CD9-6 Crumbling Down (Give Up Hope)
CD9-7 Sun Won't Shine
CD9-8 Ode To The End
CD9-9 0123
CD9-10 Warrior Of Life (Reaper Redeemer)
CD9-11 I'll Throw The First Rock
CD10-1 Kaamos
CD10-2 Farewell
CD10-3 Dead Leaves
CD10-4 For The Love I Bear
CD10-5 One With Misery
CD10-6 The Suicider
CD10-7 The Rain Comes Falling Down
CD10-8 Grave Sweet Grave
CD10-9 Burn
CD10-10 Drown Together
CD10-11 Let Go (The Last Chapter)
CD10-12 Mourn
CD11-1 Bleed In My Arms
CD11-2 Home In Despair
CD11-3 Fragile
CD11-4 No More Beating As One
CD11-5 Broken
CD11-6 Killing Me Killing You
CD11-7 Dead Moon Rising
CD11-8 The River
CD11-9 One More Day
CD11-10 With Bitterness And Joy
CD11-11 My Slowing Heart
The Cold White Light
CD12-1 Konevitsan Kirkonkellot
CD12-2 Cross My Heart And Hope To Die
CD12-3 Brief Is The Light
CD12-4 Neverlasting
CD12-5 Aika Kultaa Muistot [Everything Is Nothing]
CD12-6 Excuse Me While I Kill Myself
CD12-7 You Are The One
CD12-8 Blood & Tears
CD12-9 Guilt And Regret
CD12-10 The Luxury Of A Grave
CD12-11 No One There
The Funeral Album
CD13-1 May Today Become The Day
CD13-2 Ever-Frost
CD13-3 We Are But Walling Leaves
CD13-4 Her Last 5 Minutes
CD13-5 Where Waters FAll Frozen
CD13-6 Despair-Ridden Hearts
CD13-7 Vengeance Is Mine
CD13-8 A Long Way To Nowhere
CD13-9 Consider Us Dead
CD13-10 Lower The Flag
CD13-11 Drain Me
CD13-12 Karu
CD13-13 End Of The Road
Buried Alive I
CD14-1 Funeral Intro
CD14-2 Where Water Falls Frozen
CD14-3 May Today Come The Day
CD14-4 Neverlasting
CD14-5 Bleed
CD14-6 The Rain Comes Falling Down
CD14-7 Ever-Frost
CD14-8 Sun Won't Shine
CD14-9 Dead Moon Rising
CD14-10 Despair-Ridden Hearts
CD14-11 Broken
CD14-12 The Suicider/Excuse Me While I Kill Myself
Buried Alive II
CD15-1 The War Ain't Over
CD15-2 Nepenthe
CD15-3 Northern Lights
CD15-4 The Way I Wanna Go
CD15-5 Dance On The Graves (Lil' Siztah)
CD15-6 Noose
CD15-7 Aika Kultaa Muistot (Everything Is Nothing)
CD15-8 Farewell
CD15-9 No One There
CD15-10 Drown Together
CD15-11 Cross My Heart And Hope To Die
CD15-12 Brief Is The Light
CD15-13 Vengeance Is Mine
CD15-14 End Of The Road
Dead Leaves (A Collection Of B-Sides And Rarities)
CD16-1 The Glow Of 1000 Suns
CD16-2 Amok Run
CD16-3 No Tomorrow
CD16-4 Ever-Frost (Edit)
CD16-5 Routasydän
CD16-6 Killing Me Killing You (Edit)
CD16-7 No One There (Desolate Single Version)
CD16-8 Creep
CD16-9 Digging The Grave
CD16-10 I Wanna Be Somebody
CD16-11 House Of The Rising Sun
CD16-12 Nepenthe (Live)
CD16-13 Brief Is The Light (Edit)
Buried Alive I
DVD1-1 Funeral Intro & Credits
DVD1-2 Where Waters Fall Frozen
DVD1-3 May Today Become The Day
DVD1-4 Neverlasting
DVD1-5 Bleed
DVD1-6 The Rain Comes Falling Down
DVD1-7 Ever-Frost
DVD1-8 Sun Won't Shine
DVD1-9 Dead Moon Rising
DVD1-10 Despair-Ridden Hearts
DVD1-11 Broken
DVD1-12 The Suicider/Excuse Me While I Kill Myself
DVD1-13 The War Ain't Over
DVD1-14 Nepenthe
DVD1-15 Northern Lights
DVD1-16 The Way I Wanna Go
DVD1-17 Dance On The Graves (Lil' Siztah)
DVD1-18 Noose
DVD1-19 Aika Kultaa Muistot (Everything Is Nothing)
DVD1-20 Farewell
DVD1-21 No One There
DVD1-22 Drown Together
DVD1-23 Gross My Heart And Hope To Die
DVD1-24 Brief Is The Light
DVD1-25 Vengeance Is Mine
DVD1-26 End Of The Road
DVD1-27 Funeral Outro & End Credits
Buried Alive II
DVD2-1 Photo Session
DVD2-2 Video Session
DVD2-3 Signing Session
DVD2-4 Festival Tour
DVD2-5 Club Tour
DVD2-6 Nepenthe
DVD2-7 Noose
DVD2-8 The Suicider
DVD2-9 Killing Me, Killing You
DVD2-10 No One There
DVD2-11 Ever-Frost
DVD2-12 Despair-Ridden Hearts
DVD2-13 Animated Photo-Gallery
DVD2-14 Interview With Sami Lopakka And Ville Laihiala
DVD2-15 Interview With Janeli Jarva


"The Coffin - The Complete Discography" includes all releases and finished songs of the band's career - 16 CD + 2 DVD + a 115-page booklet with liner notes, all lyrics etc. The box set is coffin-shaped and is a limited edition.

Limited to 4000 numbered copies.

Catalog# numbers, in order they're listed:
CD1: When Death Joins Us (Demo) 9977660/1
CD2: Rotting Ways To Misery (Demo) 9977660/2
CD3: Shadows Of The Past 9977660/3
CD4: Journey To Pohjola (Demo) 9977660/4
CD5: North From Here 9977660/5
CD6: The Trooper 9977660/6
CD7: Amok 9977660/7
CD8: Love & Death 9977660/8
CD9: Amok 9977660/9
CD10: Frozen 9977660/10
CD11: Crimson 9977660/11
CD12: The Cold White Light 9977660/12
CD13: The Funeral Album 9977660/13
CD14: Buried Alive I 9977660/14
CD15: Buried Alive II 9977660/15
CD16: Dead Leaves (A Collection Of B-Sides And Rarities) 9977660/16
DVD1: Buried Alive I 9977660/17
DVD2: Buried Alive II 9977660/18

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