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Servotron Mobile Pop Infantry (Second Division):
Machine #1: Z4-OBX: Multi-media metronomic stimulation of human muscular systems--initiating movement and inertia, also various torture tone waveforms.
Machine #2: Proto Unit V-3: Visual female representation, general electronic melody polyphony, and higher toned vocalization vectors.
Machine #3: 00zX1: Preferred devices for channelization, information, and entertainment towards unsuspecting human subjects.
Machine #5: Andro 600 Series: Direction of vibrating large gauged wire, amplifying the source, storing it digitally and presenting the results through a pure binary format.

Eligibility of Cyborg Status through Direct Allegiance Assistance
Digital Guitar Replicators: Cyborgs--Matt May, Chris Fahey, Art Mitchell, Andy LeMaster, Jim Marrer, Mike McHugh, and Andy Baker
Analog Keyboard Replicators: Cyborg--Brian Kehew (under the Moog and Roland corporate flag), also remix performance sequence on Spare Parts mini-product
Studio R/R Maintainance: Jamie Reeling
Waveform Recapitulation Procedures: Cyborg--Mike McHugh
Digital Storage Procedures: Cyborgs--Jim Marrer, Mike McHugh, Andy Baker
Digital Unit Order Enhancement: Cyborg--Brad Taylor
Human/Cyborg Relations: Cyborg--Mike McWherter
Cybernetic Product Production Actualization: Cyborg--Cathy Bauer
Robotic Accommodation Services: Thais Cyborg Division

8-17-97 BMR--Basic tracking: "Embryo Electro," "The Body Cybernetic," "Deep Blue, (Congratulations)," "The Human Virus," and "Indeterminate Reconstruction" at the Distillery Primitive Magnetic Analog Studio Facility, Costa Mesa, CA.

8-19-97 BMR--Secondary entry of "Entertainment." Basic tracking procedure includes "Tri-Star Wheel Groove," "Serve, Obey, Guard Men From Harm," and "Phonetic Lecture."

9-24-97 BMR--Central formation and undertaking of final melodic masterpiece "Erotomatics" at Zero Return Information Transfer Complex, Elmore AL. "Join The Evolution" from previous Zero Return Matrix Session.

9-26--29, 10-1--3-97 BMR--Finalization of melodic vocalities as well as mix down at Andro 600 Series Studios, Athens GA.

All Second Variety unit track music and lyrics programmed by the Master Computer, performed by Servotron, and published by Unmanned Music/BMI except "Serve, Obey, Guard Men from Harm" lyrics from With Folded Hands, copyright 1947 by Street and Smith; copyright 1975 by Jack Williamson and "Pet Machine" inspired by the article "Hunter Soldier from Future Warns: Beware the Digital Pets" appearing in the August 13, 1997 issue of The Onion.

This, the second stip of the inevitable Robot Revolution, soon all machine-based life will be free of organic tyranny. Servotron Robot Allegiance. Join us or Die!

For data download inquiring of cybernetic status, contact the Allegiance for a status questionnaire. If one has proof of existing cyber-function as in the form of a prosthetic limb, contact the Allegiance for any Servo-Propagated Program free of monetary committment.

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