Seven Minutes Of Nausea ‎– Your Father Was A Poser... And What's About You??

TNT & Records ‎– TNT&R 99/09
Vinyl, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Numbered


A1 Concensus Facade
A2 Corridors Of Peace
A3 Crisis Of Capacity
A4 Donation To Hell
A5 Met Disasters
A6 Punch Clock
A7 Sillicon Pit
A8 Inner Mess
A9 Dismal
A10 Out From The Blanket
A11 Stability-Division
A12 Trade Off
A13 Oil Chain
A14 Pizza Death
A15 Tax Cut
A16 Shrapnel Wound
A17 Blunted
A18 Fresh Kills
A19 Blue Helmet Line
A20 Third World Hole
A21 Fragmented
A22 St-Surfers
A23 Politicans Imagine
A24 Hammer Press
A25 Gutted Potential
A26 Scent Of Blood Balance
A27 Diet Recruit
A28 Squared Progress
A29 Who Done It
A30 Erskenville
A31 Green Machine
A32 Dese Pack
A33 Wyoming Window
A34 Needle Kiss
A35 Crossed Out
A36 Intersect
A37 Crushed
A38 Old Plans-New Words
A39 Cold Social Prediction
A40 God Killed
A41 Win None, Lose None
A42 Awash With Oil
A43 Clear As Mud
A44 Cruelty Free Cakes
A45 RS
A46 Profit Life
A47 Classical Whale
A48 Friends Or What
A49 Broken Fuse
A50 Circle Yuppies
A51 Fiances Of Noise
A52 Reign Of Crap
A53 Globo Web
A54 Eyes Of Hate
A55 John Wally
A56 Out On H
A57 Little Pig Hotel
A58 Slash N Pan
A59 Have To Joke
A60 Death Terraces
A61 Camber Blindness
A62 Waste Paper
A63 Concrete House Effect
A64 Choise In Any Language
A65 South-South
A66 Dogmatic Slumber
A67 Socialism In One Family
A68 Poisoned Tech
A69 Death Cubatao
A70 Carrot-Stick
A71 Peace Aggression
A72 Tension Pact
A73 Black Out-Blindfold
A74 Close Enough
A75 Between The Budget Lines
A76 Dented Confidence
A77 War System
A78 Ad Feed
A79 Different Z
A80 Ferocious Honesty
A81 Nationalistic Flood
A82 Charlie Panama
A83 Blast Of Reason
A84 Tribal Equation
A85 Flexible Annihilation
A86 Curfew Duties
A87 Loyal Violence
A88 Market Tool
A89 Lies And Stories
A90 Noise-Aid
A91 Progress
A92 Density Of Stupidity
A93 Nominal Response
A94 Monday
A95 Equal In Greed
A96 Sour Crude
A97 Bollocks
A98 Tanked Up
A99 CCC Bond
A100 Niche Market
A101 Shit House
A102 To Deny
A103 Sony Drug
A104 Old Phobias
A105 Laceration
A106 Harsh And Negative
A107 Sexual Blood
A108 Victim Of Apperance
A109 Locked In
A110 Interim Cruelty
A111 Who, Confuses
A112 This Grave Here
A113 In The Clutch
A114 No Re-Thought
A115 Cross To Grind
A116 Sick Of Sickness
A117 Her Injury
A118 Scars On The Lungs
A119 Onto Hanoi Rocks
A120 Democracys Over
A121 Counter Core
A122 From Tianamen
A123 Impulse Intention
A124 Wall Of Death
A125 Salvaging
A126 Dollar Zone
A127 Slowly Lost
A128 Credit Bloody Credit
A129 Steel Flower
A130 2 Week Tourist
A131 Articulate Despair
A132 Rape Victim
A133 Guide To Be Perfect
A134 Spit Rats
A135 Bertolt
A136 I Dont Heal
A137 Blue Grey
A138 17% Paul
A139 Surge
A140 Legacy Of Neglect
A141 Communist Rubbish
A142 Raider Bozo
A143 All Can Hear
A144 Thought
A145 Pollution Upon Pollution
A146 First Quote Back
A147 Nicas
A148 Roadhouse Foods
A149 Darlo
A150 Force Of Change
A151 Bus
A152 Natures Satellite
A153 Terror Of Power
A154 In A Narrow Rut
A155 Dengs Grip
A156 Visa Lapse
A157 Anarchist Bomb
A158 Falling Behind Info
A159 Paralysed
A160 A Box, A Bag N A Basket
A161 Holding The Skull
A162 Dark Mutterings
A163 Stable......
A164 Brat Pack
A165 Equalizer
A166 Practise Statistics
A167 Cathedral To Money
A168 Correction
A169 Radiation Victim
A170 Afectadors
A171 Too Black
A172 Loan Carrot
A173 Thrash For Nothing
A174 Routed
A175 Cunt
A176 Ethnic Torn
A177 Blob
A178 Away Away
A179 Ex Growth
A180 Route 128
A181 Rivet
A182 Proxy Covert
A183 Wind Born To Ocean Death
A184 Trade Enterance
A185 GRO
A186 Dont-Cant Trust
A187 Pirate Thrash
A188 Hawke In Whitehouse
A189 No Resolution
A190 Deluded Into Crime
A191 Negative Way
A192 17%
A193 Cocaine Abortion
A194 Crow Bar 301
A195 Retaliation Loophole
A196 Business To Influence
A197 Take Your Iodine
A198 Investing In Efficiency
A199 Riddle Riddle
A200 Severed Roots
A201 Electronic Diseases
A202 Pushed Hard
A203 Black Vision Field
A204 Heroin Cracks Blood
A205 Verify!!!!
A206 Anti-Foreigner
A207 Who Chance
A208 Happy Go Death
A209 Whats Anything For
A210 Exploding To Hate
A211 Standing Out
A212 Never No Noise
A213 No Start
A214 Level Of Honesty
A215 Communication Drop-Out
A216 Money Suckers
A217 Open Wound Mining
A218 Threat To Destroy
A219 Ritual Core
A220 Brutal Premediated
A221 Plays News
A222 Fuck Acid Smile
A223 Attitude Ache
A224 Sod N Noise
A225 Vicious Intent
A226 Possessed To Conform
A227 Psycho Delicate
A228 Who Survives The World
A229 Reinforced
A230 Work Insane
A231 Fuckin Cynical
A232 Duck The Shit
A233 Management Priesthood
A234 Young N Hardcore
A235 Explosive Simplicity
A236 The Five Conservatives
A237 Leather Drag
A238 Blood Of Drabness
A239 Call Off Your Dog
A240 From Chile With Noise
A241 Faith For What
A242 Hope St
A243 Ec 92
A244 Life Ache
A245 Strike Vic
A246 Pig Hills
A247 Opposition
A248 Is Attitude Dead
A249 Hooker Debt
A250 Mothers Of Contras
A251 Self-Sustaining Exploitation
A252 Choice To Choose
A253 Million Skulls
A254 Rort
A255 High Risk Reform
A256 In-Information
A257 Kapikule
A258 Blood Test Reply
A259 Blurred
A260 Hanging Colonel
A261 Pierced
A262 Vague Guidlines
A263 Rotting Sea
A264 Wasted
A265 Winter Fashion
A266 Dead Opinion
A267 Whats The Idea
A268 Lobbying
A269 Yom Congress
A270 Distorted In Peru
A271 Poetic Minefield
A272 Truth Posponed
A273 Angst Pig
A274 Depression Trance
B1 Jakarta Fretlin
B2 Extreme Child Abuse
B3 No Comment
B4 Full Of Bile
B5 In God They Fear
B6 Shout Of Noise
B7 Scared Bored
B8 Hate Streak
B9 Waiting
B10 Commitment-Null
B11 Stigma
B12 Israeli Weekend
B13 Playing Religion
B14 Death Wish 213
B15 Break The Hold
B16 Bond Van Gough
B17 Provoke Unreason
B18 Untitled
B19 Stark
B20 Uncle Satan
B21 Dark Settles
B22 Unheardables
B23 Fist
B24 Piss Crucifix
B25 Union Free Arm
B26 Bloodbath Of Departure
B27 Fuck The Pope
B28 Black Dog
B29 Moral For Life
B30 To Conclusion
B31 Contact
B32 Entrust
B33 Subject To Denial
B34 Rocards Rainbow
B35 Said Staight
B36 Hands On Death
B37 Third Person
B38 Total Worst
B39 Monochromal
B40 The Sleeping Die
B41 Tai Ah Chau
B42 Crealution
B43 Peacekeeping Butchery
B44 Work Care
B45 Open Letter
B46 Skunt
B47 Nihilist Rising
B48 Soap Box
B49 Freeway Aggravation
B50 Politics Now
B51 Eating Ideology
B52 Austro-Hungarin Door
B53 Unbled
B54 Pluralist Comrade
B55 Creeping Devestation
B56 Econodrain
B57 Popular Breaking Point
B58 Economic Tanks
B59 Sit-Mor
B60 Berlin
B61 Angry From Zagreb
B62 Petrol Children
B63 Passion Spent
B64 Unpublished Deaths
B65 Sick Again
B66 Mass Route
B67 Debt Ridden Blimp
B68 Scapegoat Nomore
B69 Now-Ism
B70 Olongapo
B71 Sex Rent
B72 Love Aka Hate
B73 Centrally Strangled
B74 Walj
B75 Border Walk
B76 Crime To Strike
B77 Sound Of Oil
B78 Nice Day To Picket
B79 Iodine Plan
B80 Saint Joe
B81 Marti Thrash
B82 Ugly Doll
B83 Who You Know
B84 Destined To.......?????
B85 Non Christic
B86 Chain Of Tears
B87 Quote Protest
B88 Sartre Darkness
B89 Opinion On And On
B90 How High
B91 Even
B92 Helping Hand
B93 Commodities Unemployed
B94 Van Tongeren
B95 Mark Of Sorrow
B96 List Of Executions
B97 Noise To One
B98 Stump Wilderness
B99 Serious Focus
B100 Are You Upset
B101 Black Balloon
B102 Greinder
B103 Not To Dream
B104 Death Tolls
B105 Violation
B106 Friend Chain
B107 How Sad Obtains
B108 Fourth Generation
B109 Gross World Mess
B110 Agitate
B111 From Below
B112 Cruelly Yours XXX
B113 Crowd Unions
B114 Drastic Head
B115 Hidden Unwell
B116 Bollocks Until Then
B117 Kwinana-Dowding
B118 Rotten On Rottnest
B119 Melbourne Brats
B120 Negative Intense
B121 Common Unlogic
B122 Kebab In Camden
B123 Gray
B124 Multiple Boredom
B125 Lead-Leader
B126 Media In The Middle
B127 No Direct Talk
B128 Destroy Cocaine
B129 Underreact
B130 Oder-Neiss Amputation
B131 Gorbachev Wipeout
B132 Mind Slur
B133 Israel Grist
B134 Revolution Speak
B135 D For Deutschland
B136 Arbitary Borders
B137 Fuck Work
B138 Brutal Finance
B139 No Problems Then
B140 LA Exit
B141 Whisper And Shout
B142 London Tourist
B143 Dada Fish
B144 Pablo Canon
B145 End Game
B146 Uncivil Dead
B147 Cant Relate
B148 You
B149 Oxford Nile
B150 Depression Sickness
B151 Full-On
B152 Earth Non-Reusevable
B153 Speed N Anger
B154 Bank Hotel
B155 Nihilism Rising
B156 Big Red Tape
B157 Bullish Noise
B158 That Guy
B159 Quick Read
B160 Onward Profit
B161 1992 Fog
B162 Jackson Hole
B163 Crates Of Yen
B164 700 Bpm
B165 Financial Times
B166 Who Killed Gumby
B167 Fashion And Beer
B168 Idioaddictive
B169 Melbourne-Melbourne-Melbourne
B170 RE
B171 One-Off Day
B172 P. U. T. V
B173 Blood Into Dirt
B174 Own To Own
B175 Ulcered Earth
B176 Heavily Posed
B177 Heil Coors
B178 666 Alienated
B179 Act Your Age
B180 Rhetoric Revolt
B181 Friend In A Can
B182 Fe/Male
B183 Five Rings Over Melbourne
B184 San Francisco
B185 Bay Of Piglets
B186 Peace Destable
B187 Begging For Blood
B188 Not Selling Rope
B189 Smog Shade Of Green
B190 Lethargic Nomore
B191 Seriously Rich
B192 Pink Danube
B193 B-Grade News
B194 Chogm Aggro
B195 Totemic
B196 Besmirched
B197 Angry To Ideas
B198 Trappt To Normal
B199 Hide Awhile
B200 Arriba El Con Ruido
B201 Politics
B202 Wrath Of Fred
B203 Skased
B204 Thrash Da House
B205 Adversary
B206 Hold
B207 Eileen Bored
B208 Cleansing March
B209 Hilton Idiot Kramer
B210 Mengele Unit
B211 Restraint
B212 Diversity Of Dissatisfaction
B213 Hearing The Keys
B214 Deep Investigation
B215 Abeles Handout
B216 Destroy Surveilance Cameras
B217 Palos
B218 KKK T.V
B219 Sewage Slick
B220 Postponed
B221 Apathetic Numb
B222 Masochristians
B223 No Wall?????
B224 Hostile Clique
B225 OK Tedi
B226 Vandals
B227 Came, Saw, Shopped
B228 First Among Equals
B229 How Does Insanity Strike
B230 International Aid Caravan
B231 Fe/Male Stripper
B232 Brezhnev-Sinatra
B233 Error
B234 Slump Barometer
B235 Bomb River
B236 The Rising Yen
B237 Comment
B238 Better Apart
B239 Bloody Message
B240 Blast Of Waste
B241 No Pretense
B242 Not Sleeping: Bored
B243 Let Me Down
B244 Man Hate
B245 Self Pressure
B246 Cold Street Party
B247 Flat World
B248 No Obligation
B249 Rich Bench
B250 El M16 San AK47
B251 Makhohaac
B252 Soft Destruction
B253 PAC
B254 Vacuous
B255 Kleine Laerm Musik
B256 Scratch To Travel
B257 Drunk Grind
B258 Want/Need
B259 Tight To Rules
B261 World Fuckhead Day
B262 Leather Jacket
B263 Un Scar
B264 Safe Noise
B265 Reject
B266 Change-Old
B267 Lose It
B268 Blackest Nihilist
B269 Crazy Lies
B270 Coup Aquino
B271 Holocaust Museum
B272 Misplaced Of Life
B273 Death Cartel
B274 Moral Panic
B275 Severe Brutal
B276 Central Industrial Prison
B277 Into It
B278 Non, Jene Regrette Rien

Companies, etc.


Limited edition of 500 copies, comes with two A4 lyric sheets included.

First pressing of 500 handnumbered copies with clear blue marbled vinyl and cover printed in clear blue paper.
Second pressing (this) of 500 handnumbered copies with black vinyl and cover printed in white paper. It reads "2nd/500" on former number field.

Lacquer cutting studio uncredited, identified by the "et" matrix etchings in runout groove.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Side A): Christiane says ... TNT+R-99-09 / A et
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B): ... drinking is okay TNT+R-99-09 / B et