Severed Heads ‎– Adenoids 1977-1985

Sevcom ‎– none
4 × CDr, Compilation


1-1 Severed Heads All Rights Reserved 4:14
1-2 Severed Heads God Factory 3:11
1-3 Severed Heads Hawaii Torso 97 Cigarettes 2:50
1-4 Severed Heads Acid Fur 3:03
1-5 Severed Heads Dance 4:20
1-6 Severed Heads New York Is A Lonely Town 1:39
1-7 Severed Heads (Loop Track) 1:58
1-8 Inch Urch (Untitled Track) 4:08
1-9 Mr And Mrs No Smokin' Sign Go Cruisin' Fer Burgers 1:08
1-10 Severed Heads 1 2 3 A Baby Buggy (Restored) 2:47
1-11 Severed Heads Now This Is God's Son 1:38
1-12 Headless Corpses (Untitled Track) 2:26
1-13 Severed Heads The Monkey Is Safe 2:04
1-14 Severed Heads Get Down On Your Knees And Thank God 1:34
1-15 Severed Heads Much About Bones 2:25
1-16 Severed Heads Hello Donald, Merry Xmas 3:48
1-17 Severed Heads Love 2:07
1-18 Severed Heads Don't Saxophone 3:13
1-19 Severed Heads Book 4:05
1-20 Severed Heads Tiny Fingers 3:16
1-21 Severed Heads Heavily Tattooed Men And Women 3:20
1-22 Severed Heads Violins And Moonlight 3:38
1-23 Severed Heads Traumat 2:11
1-24 Severed Heads Our Own Home 2:07
1-25 Severed Heads Charivari 2:34
1-26 Severed Heads Nightsong 7:06
1-27 Severed Heads Car Advertisement 2:50
2-1 Richard Fielding Nigerian Polka 2:16
2-2 Richard Fielding John Cage Wets His Pants 4:42
2-3 Richard Fielding Larry I'm Just An Average Girl 2:33
2-4 Richard Fielding Homage A Nobody 1:49
2-5 Tom Ellard Stomach 2:01
2-6 Tom Ellard Turtledove 1:53
2-7 Tom Ellard Flower 3:14
2-8 Garry Bradbury & The ZGlutz Orchestra ? 1:07
2-9 Severed Heads Funky Jonestown 0:47
2-10 Severed Heads Ladies And Gents Digital 3:00
2-11 Severed Heads Somehow Pain (Live @ Filmmakers Co Op) 1:47
2-12 Severed Heads Always Randy 2:32
2-13 Severed Heads Floopness 1:13
2-14 Severed Heads Cowboy Muzak 3:17
2-15 Severed Heads Dressed In Hair 1:41
2-16 Severed Heads Russian Rifles 3:32
2-17 Severed Heads Bayer 4:31
2-18 Severed Heads Lamborghini (Petrol) 3:51
2-19 Severed Heads Sissy Loops 2:47
2-20 Severed Heads Abattoir 4:24
3-1 Severed Heads Live At Art Unit 83 (Petrol) 4:40
3-2 Severed Heads Hummahbubbah 6:07
3-3 Severed Heads Shock 2:59
3-4 Severed Heads An Index Of Whitegoods 2:11
3-5 Severed Heads Piggy Smack (Demo For 'City Slab Horror') 2:49
3-6 Severed Heads Blast Patter 3:01
3-7 Severed Heads Here Comes Your Fire 4:48
3-8 Severed Heads Clairaudience 4:32
3-9 Severed Heads Come With Me 3:20
3-10 Severed Heads Oscar's Grind (Sketch) 2:40
3-11 Severed Heads Eel's Blood 2:34
3-12 Severed Heads Harold And Cindy Hospital (Demo) 3:52
Adenoids Appendix - Live At Sedition 1983
4-1 Severed Heads Adolf A Carrot? 4:18
4-2 Severed Heads A Million Angels 3:09
4-3 Severed Heads Golden Boy 4:11
4-4 Severed Heads Dead Eyes Opened 3:49
4-5 Severed Heads Rocket Summer 4:46
4-6 Severed Heads Houses Still Standing 4:34
4-7 Severed Heads Godsong 3:52
4-8 Severed Heads Exploring The Secrets Of Treating Deaf Mutes 6:30


Previously released as vinyl VOD49, comes with a 16 page booklet.

In comparison to the VOD Vinyl Box Set;

Disc One: includes Discs 1 and 2 of the vinyl with minimal changes. This includes all of Ear Bitten and Clean CDs, which are therefore deleted.

Disc Two: drops tracks from Eighties Cheesecake and Blubberknife. It adds some previously unreleased material from 1982.

Disc Three: drops the two live at Ozone tracks from City Slab Horror. It extends the 1983 live recording, and adds two tracks from the Nothing on 45 performance on 2MBS-FM. There's still some overlap with City Slab Horror and Stretcher.

Disc Four: is the complete version of their performance at Sedition in 1983. Sections of this have appeared on Since The Accident, but has never been released in full until this set.

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Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
VOD 49 Severed Heads Adenoids 1977-1985(5xLP, Comp + Box, Ltd, Num) Vinyl-on-demand VOD 49 Germany 2008 Sell This Version
VOD 49 Severed Heads Adenoids 1977-1985(5xLP, Comp + Box, Ltd) Vinyl-on-demand VOD 49 Germany 2008 Sell This Version


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January 12, 2012
edited over 6 years ago
Available from the band's bandcamp.


May 28, 2010
edited over 7 years ago
Mighty christ, what a release we have on our hands here. Hour upon hour of vintage material from the vaults of Australia's most subversive musical export, Severed Heads. When this monster appeared in my mailbox I cautiously opened it so as to behold what was contained within. Some may gripe about the CD-R format but the artwork and fidelity on all four of these discs is thoroughly professional. This is no cobbled together knock off nor is it for the casual fan who name drops this band around their scene pals to impress.

Here's the meat of the marrow: with a few minor exceptions EVERY LAST THING Ellard has been hoarding since the band's inception is contained herein. You listen to it at your peril, Puppy fans. There is more than enough evidence on Adenoids to show where mssrs Key and Goettel drew much of their inspiration from. And just to drive the point home a bit more concisely, read the liner notes. It will all become crystal clear once you get to the phrase "and this time we didn't forget the gravy."

All throughout their tumultuous career, Severed Heads were slapped with (you kids would call it tagged) a myriad of idiotic terms to describe what their work not only was but also the effect it had on the ears and mind. Here you will find no such pandering, this band are far beyond what any genre-ism could hope to corral. Yes, there are electronics. Yes, in a few instances there are vocals. Beyond that, this is an auditory inferno. 'Go Cruisin Fer Burgers' really should have been adapted into an ad jingle, I'm serious here. The damage it would have done to any marketeer or advertising prole would have been staggering. Somehow Adenoids sounds 'juuuuuust right' (to paraphrase the gremlin) to me. All my synapses are humming quite giddily.

This is a very limited item, don't just sit there and read idly. Pick Adenoids up before it vanishes as so many other killer re-issues from sevcom have. The ground covered in the span of this boxset is staggering. You'll be asking yourself, as I have, who the hell else would have done work of this caliber so far (and for so long) under the radar.

Tom, thank you thank you thank you for putting this out.