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2 × DVDr, DVD-Data, DVD-Video, NTSC


Backing Videos From Live Shows Some Time This Century
DVD1-01 Harold And Cindy Hospital (07)
DVD1-02 Greater Reward (07)
DVD1-03 Hot With Fleas (07)
DVD1-04 The Ant Can See Legs (07)
DVD1-05 Spittoon Thud (07)
DVD1-06 Pilots Hate You (04)
DVD1-07 We Choose Moon (04)
DVD1-08 Pour Chiens Moyens (03)
DVD1-09 December 13 (05)
DVD1-10 Funky Pervert V2 (03)
DVD1-11 Oblique Firefly Overlocker (03)
DVD1-12 Song Of Sam (03)
DVD1-13 Fold (03)
DVD1-14 Anti Intellectual (03)
DVD1-15 Wing Of The Plane (03)
DVD1-16 Choose Evil V2 (02)
DVD1-17 Memorial Discotheque (03)
DVD1-18 Pilot In Hell (03)
DVD1-19 Dreamsong (02)
Live VJ Set
DVD2-01 Live VJ Set At 1/4 Inch August 2008
Brisbane 2007
DVD2-02 Harold And Cindy
DVD2-03 Greater Reward
DVD2-04 Hot With Fleas
DVD2-05 The Ant Can See Legs
The Lives Of The Saints
DVD2-06 Haus Belong John Frumm.
DVD2-07 Me.
DVD2-08 L. Ron In "Heaven'.
DVD2-09 I Believe In Jim Jones.
DVD2-10 Major Jealous Golden Airplane.
DVD2-11 AAA Mr Hot Water (Edit).



DVD1 includes Severed Heads Backing Videos From Live Shows Some Time This Century.
DVD2-02 to 05 are 720P30 (HDTV progressive 30 Hz) versions of four of the videos.
DVD2-06 to 11 are flash videos of 'The Lives Of The Saints', a video poetry project from 2007.

This release was only sold up to 2010 and is since deleted.